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Spotlight Brand: Gurkha Titan

Gurkha Titan, a magnificent blend only Gurkha can make. 

Well known for producing some of the most prestigious and rare super premiums in the world, the secret to Gurkha's success is their uncompromising commitment to quality and their use of the finest vintage tobaccos the world has to offer. Titan debuted at the 2005 Retail Tobacco Dealers tradeshow, and with only 1,000 boxes made, it was only available to a small number of suppliers.

Titan owes its popularity to the unique mix of vintage tobaccos in its complex, fuller-bodied blend. The cigar begins with a combination of 5-year-old Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Colombian fillers that are secured in a 5-year Nicaraguan binder. It is then finished with a dark 1996 Vintage Costa Rican wrapper, adding the perfect balance to this extra-aged cigar. Gurkha Titan is a must for those who seek the best.

Q & A: Tobacco Beetles?

What exactly are tobacco beetles and where do they come from?

2/02/09 | by MK of Olathe, KS

Cigars are created using real tobacco, which is a natural product grown in fields on farms. Unfortunately, although we use tobacco to create tasty treats we can enjoy everyday, other organisms turn to tobacco as a place of solace, a home, such as tobacco beetles. These insects make home in all cigars currently in production, but are mostly killed off by the time the sticks make their way to cigar distributors. Normally, these insects do not pose a problem but due to the nature of cigars, it is impossible to entirely rid any batch, box, or group of cigars of tobacco beetle eggs. These eggs lie dormant in a cigar until “hatching” conditions are created within a humidor. Once the humidity rises above 75% with the temperature also rising above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the cigars are at a much higher risk for hatching these beetles and infestation is likely to occur. 

by Sean G

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