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Spotlight Brand: Montecristo Media Noche

The darker side of Montecristo.

Montecristo Media Noche is the first and only Montecristo currently in production that utilizes a maduro wrapper. This cigar is hand made in the Dominican Republic, and provides a very smooth and deliberate draw while creating a pleasant flavor, medium in body.

Montecristo has become one of the most recognized names in cigars.  From its humble beginnings in the early 20th century through today, the brand has exploded into a variety of line extensions in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic. The name itself sets a standard for quality, flavor, and consistency among the top manufacturers in the world.

Media Noche is one of the more recent releases from Montecristo. It features a dark Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper and tri-country filler which includes tobaccos from Nicaragua, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. This cigar features both, sweet and spicy flavors, and produces some earthy notes which feel incredibly toasty on the palate.  A top-notch choice from a top-notch brand, you should definitely give Media Noche a try!

Q & A: Connecticut vs. Maduro?

What is the difference between Connecticut and maduro wrappers?

2/17/09 | by RG of Fallon, NV


I could spend days describing the differences between Connecticut and maduro wrappers, but for the sake of length, I'll keep this explanation as simple as possible. The majority of a cigar's flavor derives from its wrapper, which is why wrapper selection is important. True Connecticut wrappers are grown in the Connecticut River Valley, U.S.A. Usually, these leaves are "shade grown" as shading effectively filters the sunlight, allowing for a thinner, more elastic leaf to form. After curing, these leaves turn a great looking light brown and feature little veins for a smooth appearance. Since less sun reaches these leaves, they contain less nutrients, which creates a mellow, cedar-like flavor that is subtle and non offensive. Macanudo, 5 Vegas Gold, and Cusano 18 Double Connecticut are great examples of blends utilizing this leaf. 

In regard to maduro, technically the term refers to the process a tobacco leaf is put through to create a certain color and flavor, rather than the actual term for the leaf itself. Maduro means "ripe" in Spanish and is used to describe the amount of extra time needed to properly ferment a leaf to create a dark appearance with a specific flavor profile. Usually, maduro wrappers are dark brown and oily in appearance. In order to create maduro, the leaves must undergo fermentation at high temperatures of 130 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This process turns the leaves dark brown and allows them to expel a natural sweet flavor with a rich, earthy character many consider similar to cocoa or espresso. The longer each leaf is fermented, the darker, mellower, and more oily each will become. Rocky Patel Double Maduro, Montecristo Media Noche, and 5 Vegas Series 'A' are great examples featuring maduro wrappers. 

by Bryan

Review: Gurkha Park Avenue

Sean G Park Avenue
Torpedo (6.2" x 52) An enormous amount of smoke was created with the first couple of puffs, showcasing an easy draw and perfect burn. Cedar overwhelmed my nostrils, which was an excellent experience as the blend's complexities slowly build as the cigar burns. Notes of nuts are easily noticeable in the aftertaste, as the cigar burns cool. Although incredibly smooth and mellow, this stick emits a ton of flavor with a hint of pepper in the finish.

Churchill (7" x 48) With a tight draw, this size lacked the smooth characteristics of the Torpedo's initial light. There was a difference in taste and a stronger finish, but still creates a great cedar-like aroma. The nutty nuances were masked by an earthy character creating a stronger flavor on the palate. Slightly more robust, this size is great for the medium to full-bodied enthusiast searching for a smooth, everyday Gurkha.
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