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Spotlight Brand: Oliva Master Blends III

March 4, 2009 |

The most limited production cigar made by Oliva.

Oliva holds the title as Nicaragua's second largest tobacco grower. As such, they tend to have first rights to the best leaf grown in this Central American nation. In years past, the best leaves were held for the private use of the family, but this legendary cigar maker has started producing its finest line of cigars using this cherished leaf, the Oliva Master Blends series. Each release features a completely different blend, and each time, the quantity produced is entirely dependent on the yield from the crop for that season.

The release of Master Blends III is the best yet. This time, we see the Oliva's take advantage of an aged, Sun Grown broadleaf wrapper for this box-pressed cigar. However, what completes this blend is the Nicaraguan filler tobacco that has been cultivated from Habano-seed ligero, making this the fullest bodied Master Blends to date. The Olivas are very secretive about how many of each release they produce, and they can run out at any moment. Don't miss out on what could be your one and only chance to smoke this limited edition, '92' rated cigar from one of the world's foremost cigar makers.

Q & A: Does Humid Air Rise or Fall?

Should I put my humidification device at the top or bottom of my humidor?

3/02/09 | by BG of Harpers Ferry, WV

Great question. Humid air obviously contains water molecules, which makes it dense, so most may think humid air falls and therefore humidification systems should be placed at the top of a humidor. In reality, although humid air is dense, water molecules are still lighter than air molecules, which means humid air actually rises. This is a very important piece of information commonly overlooked by today’s enthusiasts who own humidors. Since we know humid air actually rises, it is important to keep electronic humidification devices, such as the Humi-Care Electronic Humidifier, at the bottom of your humidor. The humid air from the humidifier will rise and humidify your cigars evenly. 

by Dave

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