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Spotlight Brand: Sancho Panza Extra-Fuerte

April 15, 2009 |

The quintessential Honduran puro.

Another chapter in the legendary tale of Sancho Panza and the cigars that commemorate the saga was written with the release of the Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte. The Sancho Panza line debuted in the late 90's and has earned a reputation for its high ratings and extremely value driven price point. It is one of the best values in the cigar industry and a favorite everyday smoke amongst aficionados. With its extra thick Honduran wrapper, Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte is a complex and robust blend at a low price that customers have come to expect from Sancho Panza.

Extra Fuerte is the newest edition to the Sancho Panza line. Its spicy and robust taste quickly fills your mouth as soon as you light up. The strength of this cigar comes from its Havana seed, Honduran wrapper and 100% Honduran filler and binder. When this brand launched in 2004, it was considered the best value in a new release that year and earned numerous “Best Buy” awards from Cigar Insider Magazine.

Q & A: Cuban Sandwich?

What is a Cuban Sandwich?

4/15/09 | by JJ of Minot, ND

​When cigars are created, manufacturers utilize different lengths of leaves to use as fillers based on the type of cigar being rolled and the cost of the tobacco. The three most common types of fillers used are referred to as short, long, and medium. A cigar utilizing medium filler is also known as a "cuban sandwich." As you can imagine, long filler is composed of whole leaves of tobacco and naturally is the most of expensive in addition to being used in all premium cigars. Most aficionados prefer to enjoy cigars created with long filler because they normally burn properly and are consistent in strength, flavor, body and construction. Short filler, however, consists of small pieces of tobacco (usually excess scraps of whole leaves not used) and is usually inexpensive. You will find many "machine-made" cigars use short filler. A cuban sandwich, on the other hand, combines short filler and medium filler together in order to create a less expensive cigar without sacraficing quality and consistency. The term "sandwich" refers to the way these cigars are assembled, as the short filler is mixed and wrapped with the medium filler before being concealed by a higher quality long leaf as the wrapper. 

by Dave

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