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Spotlight Brand: Rocky Patel Decade

Rated an impressive '95' by Cigar Aficionado.

Rocky Patel is known for his impeccable attention to detail, which is why his cigars are so consistent in construction and flavor, since he puts a massive amount of time and effort into quality assurance. All of his cigars go through rigorous tests ensuring only the best sticks reach consumers. In addition Rocky is known for his blending abilities, creating cigars uniquely different from each other, all of which utilize the best tobaccos currently available at the time of creation. You will not find two different Rocky Patel brands that taste the same. Decade remains on a pedestal of its own. Although Rocky earned many accolades for his cigars, including 90+ ratings for his Vintage lines, Decade is now his cream of the crop. This beauty features a dark, oily Sumatra wrapper that masks a unique Honduran blend of long leaves in the filler. Potent, very rich, smooth, creamy, yet powerful with a medium finish, this cigar is honestly one of the finest blends on the market—well deserving of its '95' rating by Cigar Aficionado.

Q & A: Proper Humidity for Aging Cigars?

What humidity is best for aging my cigars?

5/18/09 | by CW from Broken Arrow, OK

In order to properly age a cigar, you must look a bit further than simply assuring the humidity levels are correctly set. To quickly answer this question, the humidity levels should be kept between 70% and 75%, depending on the type and thickness of the leaves making up the aging cigars. The thicker the leaves, the more humidity you may need. However, the aging process is much more involved than simply setting your humidor at 70% humidity. It is best to keep a separate humidor, one only used for aging your cigars, in addition to a humidor used for maintaining your cigars. The difference between the two allows for a drastic improvement in the aging process. The “maintenance” humidor should only contain the cigars you’re ready to enjoy, since you will easily be opening it on a regular basis. Each time you open your humidor; much of the humidity is lost, which will drastically impair the aging process. Therefore, you should allow your cigars to age in a separate humidor for at least three months, with proper humidity levels, in order to experience an improvement in flavor, character and color. 

by Dave

Review: Man O' War Cigars Ruination

Bryan Man O' War Ruination
Belicoso (5.7" x 56) Full-bodied with black pepper and spice noticeable upon first light. Draw was perfect, although the cut to the head of the cigar had to be deeper than most other figurados. The complexities of cedar, earth, and pepper were enjoyable and interesting throughout as most of the strength is felt in the gut, not the head. Excellent!

Robusto No. 1 (5.5" x 54) This size easily lasted 75 minutes and produced a longer finish with a more robust character than the belicoso. The smoke is thick and heavy with an excellent, toasty aroma. Complex with abundant spice throughout and a note of espresso, this is a size for the true, full-bodied enthusiast.

Robusto No. 2 (6" x 60) The huge gauge allows for an incredibly easy draw that emits a ton of smoke and tasty complexities. The different nuances available with this size are easy to taste, from its leathery qualities to its spicy-sweet characteristics, but it did burn slightly uneven. The finish was toasty but not as smooth as the two other sizes.
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