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Spotlight Brand: Rocky Patel Royal Vintage

A Vintage of Great Taste & Value.

It is no secret Rocky Patel puts forth a great effort to create the most sought-after cigars on the market. His blends are miraculously consistent in flavor and construction from year to year due to his uncanny blending abilities and strict attention to quality control, in addition to his use of perfectly fermented and aged tobaccos. With that in mind, it is no wonder Rocky Patel Royal Vintage is yet another incredible creation that ranks among his top 6 blends.

Royal Vintage is the most recent concoction Rocky has released. It features many long-aged tobaccos including a dark, oily seven-year-old wrapper that conceals a tasty blend of long-fillers from Central America and the Caribbean. These tobaccos have aged for more than a decade and are finally ready for public consumption, of course living up to the quality and standards Rocky is well known for.

This cigar encompasses everything you would expect from quality aging, including a round, yet thick flavor that masks sweet nuances of leather and espresso with a medium body. Due to the limited tobaccos used in this blend, and the years of aging needed to create its incredible character, production of Royal Vintage is extremely limited and can only be currently found at select retailers worldwide. is proud to be the first retailer nationwide to have access to this special blend.

Q & A: Properly Refilling Butane Lighters

What is the proper method for refilling my butane lighter?

6/01/09 | by BN of Meridian, MS

Butane lighters can be incredibly difficult to refill since many of them are temperamental and need to be properly cared for. The biggest problem with butane lighters, in regard to the refilling process, is the excess air that remains in the tank once the butane is burned away. Luckily, there is a specific process to follow to ensure your butane lighter sparks time and time again. Once you run out of butane, first close the tank by adjusting the burner valve (located on the bottom of most lighters) to the “negative” position. Next, use a small pin, needle, or lighter tool to push the inlet valve down, which will release any extra butane and/or air still inside the tank. Feel free to try to spark your lighter at this point – you should see no flame but in doing so will also clear out the ignition system of any excess air or butane. Now you can refill your lighter with triple refined butane, this is very important. Triple refined means the butane has been filtered at least three times, which removes any impurities, allowing for a clean burn and a steady, consistent flame. Any other butane may clog your lighter. Once you refill your lighter, you can now adjust the burner valve to “positive” and try igniting it. Be careful, since you may receive a big flame at first, which is good because it will burn off any left over dirt or dust still in the ignition system. Now you can adjust the flame to your specific preferences and continue to enjoy your cigars. 

by Bryan

Review: Torano Dominico

Bryan Torano Dominico
Toro (6" x 50) Burned evenly from start to finish with an effortless draw that burned cool and slow. Many earthy nuances were abundant as the flavor and strength slowly build as the cigar burns.

Torpedo (6.2" x 52) The head needed to be cut a bit further than anticipated but the blend really opened up, releasing a slew of complexities ranging from pepper and toast to espresso with a spicy nuance in the finish. Rich, full-flavored and easily medium-bodied, this size is a winner.

Churchill (7" x 48) Slightly less complex than the torpedo, the 7 x 48 frame kept a slow and steady burn, although some heat was noticeable to the touch. The complexities slowly changed throughout as the flavor mellowed towards the finish and the strength continued to increase.

Robusto (5" x 50) No construction problems existed but the smooth, toasty finish wasn't present in comparison to the torpedo and toro. The blend was very robust from the start and kept building towards the end. The finish was not balanced.
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