Spotlight Brand: Toraño Dominico

Torano Dominico

An affordable and consistent selection. 

Carlos Toraño Dominico is a quality bundled cigar produced by the world-renowned Toraño family, so expect the same in quality and consistency as you would with any other Toraño cigar, but at half the price.

In the cigar industry, the Toraño family has a very rich history dating back to 1916. For four generations, the Toraños have been rolling cigars and growing leaf all over the world, in places such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Uncompromising quality has contributed to the Toraño reputation and has kept them in business for almost a century. Today they produce close to 20 million cigars annually for themselves and for other major labels.

Made in the Dominican Republic, Toraño Dominico is a great choice for the enthusiast with a limited budget. These cigars sport a creamy, seamless Connecticut wrapper and offer sweet nuances balanced with earthy flavors and a hint of citrus that lingers on the palate for a medium finish.

Q & A: Cigars vs. Cigarettes

Do cigars and cigarettes share the same type of tobacco?

8/04/09 | by BA of Milwaukee, WI

​​​​No, in fact they are far different. Cigars and cigarettes are completely different products grown in completely different ways and affect the palate and body differently as well. The tobacco grown for use in cigars is simply 100% tobacco. The leaves do not contain non-tobacco products and are naturally aged and fermented without having any extra additives or impurities introduced to the blend. Most cigarettes contain only about 50% pure tobacco with the rest of the blend consisting of chopped up stems, shredded paper, and left over tobacco scraps. Cigarette tobaccos are not fermented, which is another major difference between the two. When cigar tobaccos are cured and fermented, they lose much of their nicotine content and many of the unhealthy toxins or carcinogenic qualities associated with “smoking” in general. Cigarette tobaccos contain many of these impurities and many cigarette manufacturers actually add further impurities, such as nicotine, to give them more addicting qualities. In fact, cigarettes are made to cause addiction with no focus on quality or flavor whereas cigars are made to be a tasty, enjoyable experience and this fact can be proven when closely examining and then comparing the creation process of both.

by Bryan

Review: Nica Libre

Sean G Nica Libre
Imperial (6.0"x54) Burned slow and even but still maintained a great draw. Earthy nuances were abundant with a light sweet character. Easily will last 70 minutes. Strength increased towards the head.

Torpedo (6.0"x52) Complexities between coffee and cocoa exist throughout with a unique earthy note that remained on the palate once extinguished. Incredibly smooth.

Exclusivo (5.5"x50) Robust at first before opening up into a pleasant medium body. Featured a rich character and perfect to enjoy for about 40 minutes after dinner.

Diplomatico (7.0"x50) Burned slow but with a tight draw. Spice was easily noticable from start to finish as the character developed and became stronger inch by inch. Save some time to enjoy this one.
Principe (4.5"x46) A great 30 minute cigar. Incredibly potent with a rich, chocolately character. Lost points for burning too hot and slightly uneven