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Spotlight Brand: Drew Estate Tabak Especial

Sip this.

Drew Estate Tabak Especial Lonsdale is a newly released size, with shipping expected to begin in July!

Drew Estate has become the standard when searching for infused cigars. The process they use to create their exotic flavors and aromas has never been duplicated. The tobaccos used for each blend are uniquely different from one another, with their attention to detail and quality control being flawless. Founded by Jonathan Drew, Drew Estate is currently a top manufacturer of Nicaraguan cigars and has expanded beyond strictly unique tobaccos and infusions into traditional blends.

Filled with a flavorful concoction Nicaraguan, long leaf tobaccos, Tabak Especial is simply an excellently blended hand-made. It offers crisp flavors of earth and cedar, infused with powerful nuances of espresso and cocoa to create an incredibly rich, complex flavor only noticeable in an infused blend by Drew Estate. The burn, quality of product, and construction are all top notch. The blend is medium-bodied, with almost every size offering a “shaggy foot,” which allows the flavors of the filler and binder tobaccos to be tasted separately from the wrapper. This blend is available in a smooth and silky Connecticut or a dark and rich Maduro wrapper. Tabak Especial is another welcomed, well received addition to the Drew Estate family of brands.

Q & A: Resting My Cigars?

When receiving my cigars in the mail, should I let them rest after they arrive or can I enjoy them immediately?

8/31/09 | by SG of Tulsa, OK

Good question. In most cases, any cigars you receive from a mail order company should arrive in good condition to enjoy. However, this is not always the case and therefore you should let your cigars "rest" for at least 14 days before enjoying. During transit, the cigars may lose humidity and dry out. If you pick up a brand new blend just released on the market, the tobaccos may still be young and need further aging before becoming completely perfect to savor. Furthermore, most aficionados prefer to enjoy cigars directly out of their humidor since they are accustomed to a particular feel, humidity level and flavor profile. Although we ship our cigars with a convenient humidity packet to prevent fluxuations in humidity, it is always best to age or "rest" your cigars for at least two weeks before enjoying to ensure your cigars burn properly, feel right and taste great. 

by Sean G

Review: Rocky Patel Vintage '92

Bryan Rocky Patel Vintage 1992
Toro (6.5"x50) Construction was top notch as the cigar burned perfectly even from start to finish. The ash still refused to fall after two inches and the aroma offered many flavorful notes of cedar. Much spice is noticeable out the nose but this size still remains smooth with a mellow yet flavorful finish.

Torpedo (6.1"x52) Excellent blend with perfect balance. The cigar switched between medium earthy flavors and full spicy sensations after the first inch and slow continued to build in flavor without becoming overwhelming strong. Smooth.

Mini Belicoso (5"x52) Unique and enjoyable. Offered some sweeter flavors up front with a pleasant underlying toasty nuance of earth. Rich and enjoyable.

Sixty (6.0"x60) Very rich and full-flavored. This size expells a ton of smoke while burning cool and even from head to foot. Expect a 90 minute, full-bodied experience with a long finish.

Robusto (5.5"x50) Produced thick, creamy smoke with earth and cedar nuances. Burned fast and slightly uneven but corrected itself immediately. Great complexities with a mellow yet flavorful finish.

Churchill (7.0"x48) Nice slow burn with an effortless draw. Produced light spice at the foot which slowly changed throughout the cigar for a complex experience. Allow yourself at least 70 minutes to enjoy this one.

Petit Corona (4.5"x44) Burned hot. Incredibly robust with spice and pepper throughout. Maintained a tight draw from start to finish and the strength only increased from head to foot.
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