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Spotlight Brand: Reposado '96

September 16, 2009 |

Your choice, Connecticut, Maduro, or Habano.

Masterfully constructed, this cigar is a rare gem utilizing first-class long-fillers with premium wrapper leaves. The tobaccos are all Cuban-seed Nicaraguan grown and the blend is only available in a stout, 7.1”x58 frame. Rolled under the supervision of AJ Fernandez, creator of Man O' War, these cigars are a true delight that will fail to disappoint even the most discerning aficionados.

Upon lighting, you're met with light earthy flavors and subtle hints of spice that slowly build as the burn progresses towards the head of the cigar. Expect an even burn and a creamy character with underlying hints of espresso and cocoa thrown into the mix. Reposado also ages well, and due to its perfect balance, you'll find its strength never becomes overwhelming. If you're interested in a spicier character, the Habano wrapper delivers, otherwise try out the silky-smooth Connecticut, or rich Maduro.

Q & A: New to Cigars?

I'm brand new to cigars. What should I try first?

9/16/09 | by JS of Mobile, AL


There are tons of cigars currently on the market, all featuring different strengths, flavors, sizes, and of course price points so it's understandable to be completely overwhelmed as a new enthusiast. To put it simply, you'll most likely want to start off with a nice, mellow cigar utilizing a Connecticut wrapper, preferably a blend containing Honduran or Dominican tobaccos as these leaves are not as strong as Cuban or Nicaraguan tobaccos. A Connecticut wrapper will provide you with cedar-like nuances and a smooth, creamy character so you won't have to worry about strength or the blend becoming too powerful. You'll want a subtle cigar that has flavor, not something that will simply taste like smoke. We recommend 5 Vegas Gold or Cu-Avana. These blends are not expensive but are meticulously constructed, feature a mellow body, and offer tons of flavor. They are also a good stepping stone if you're trying to move into stronger blends, such as Man O' War Ruination or other Habano, maduro, and Sumatra wrapped cigars featuring a heartier, medium to full body. 

by Andrew

Review: CAO Brazilia Cigars

Dave Brazilia
Gol! (5.0"x56) The big ring allows for a cool,even and effortless burn and draw. The complexities of this size overwhelm the palate with rich nuances and a sweet aftertaste. Enjoyable.

Amazon (6.0"x60) A little longer than the Gol!, this size really opens up after an inch and continues to build in complexity as the cigar burns. Very rich with full flavors.

Lambada (6.0"x50) Offered less pepper up front and burned slightly uneven. The wrapper looked great, however, and the cigar emitted a fantastic aroma.

Ipanema (7.0"x50) This size you'll need at least an hour to enjoy but it doesn't get too exciting until the final 4 inches, where it just builds in strength to become a full-bodied powerhouse towards the nub. Make sure you have a full stomach before trying this one.
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