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Spotlight Brand: ACID Cigars Limited by Drew Estate Opulence 3

The rarest of all ACID Cigars: Opulence 3

ACID cigars are a combination of premium, whole leaf tobaccos gently infused with essential oils to create unique flavors and aromas unlike any other cigar available. The secret infusion process Drew Estate uses to create this brand has been so closely guarded no one else in the world has been able to replicate the feel, aroma, or flavor of an ACID cigar. Each blend is completely different from one another, expelling incredibly flavorful aromas that are not only unique from all other cigar brands, but also pleasant to those who are not enthusiasts. Uniquely infused, ACID Ltd. Opulence 3 brings a whole new blend to the ACID lineup in a rich, oily Maduro.

Opulence 3 sports a jet-black, oily Maduro wrapper from San Andrés, Mexico that provides a rich & creamy character with a pronounced sweet nuance noticeable in the finish. This wrapper is perfectly balanced with a hearty blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos grown in Estelí, where some of the strongest tobacco is grown. Not only is the cigar infused with oils and botanicals chosen by Jonathan Drew himself, but also each individual leaf is infused to provide a full-flavored, uniquely enjoyable experience each time this cigar is lit. We really enjoy Opulence 3 here at In fact, this blend may be the best ACID created to date!

Q & A: Aged Cigars vs. Aged Tobacco?

What is the difference between aged cigars and aged tobacco?

10/02/09 | by TM of Battle Creek, MI

Most tobaccos are aged for at least 3 to 6 months before finding their way into a blended cigar. From the curing process to fermentation, there are specific steps the tobacco must endure before it can be considered suitable to enjoy and aging is an important part of the process. When the tobacco ages before being rolled, it releases its toxins, such as ammonia, creating smooth and mellow characteristics. You've probably tried to enjoy a "young" cigar and noticed an acidic aftertaste or even that awful ammonia smell, this is due to a lack of age. However, when a cigar is aged after being rolled, the process changes. Although the leaves will still release some toxins, aging a fully rolled cigar allows the different filler leaves to "marry" each other, which creates balance. The flavors of each individual leaf will combine to create a complex experience with smooth characteristics as any unwanted "harsh" or "acrid" nuances are released due to the aging process. For these reasons, most manufacturers age their tobacco before constructing their cigars and then usually age their finished cigars afterward to guarantee a perfectly balanced blend.

by Dave

Review: My Father

Bryan My Father
No. 2 (5.2"x54) Easily the best size in the line. The head of this torpedo only tapers slightly, allowing for an easy, consistent cut. Its length and ring guage perfectly compliment one another, creating an effortless draw while releasing thick, aromatic smoke with many competing spicy complexities.

No. 4 (7.5"x38) Truly impressive for a long lancero. Surprisingly, the stick burned perfectly even but without a tight draw, although thick smoke was left to be desired. Incredibly complex with a robust character from the start, this size builds in strength from head to foot but provides an elegantly smooth character with a long, enjyoable finish.

No. 3 (6.0"x49) Enjoyable and perfect everyday. A slightly tight draw prevented thick smoke, which was disappointing since this blend offers a great aroma. However, the blend increased in strength and complexity from start to finish without becoming overwhelmingly strong. The aftertaste also contained a nutty flavor which was not noticeable in the other sizes.

No. 1 (5.2"x52) Its not often a robusto is rated so low but this size lost points due to faulty construction. The draw was great and the flavor was incredibly enjoyable with perfect balance between earth and hot, spicy sensations. However, the burn was uneven from the start and never corrected itself.
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