Spotlight Brand: Primeros Regionals - Dominican

Primeros Dominican

One of the best value blends in the business...

Dominican Primeros are one of the best values in the cigar world. Combining premium Dominican fillers with a Dominican binder and Connecticut Ecuador wrapper, this cigar is mellow with a very subtle flavor.

The Dominican Primeros marks the second release of the famed Primeros line, following the unprecedented success of the Honduran Primeros brand. These cigars are made with one goal in mind, to use premium tobacco to hand roll quality first (primero) cigars that will sell for the same low price as a second.

The Dominican Republic has long been known for its fine tobacco and subtle blends. The rollers that work in the island nation are considered the top cigar craftsmen in the world, stemming from top training programs. Typically, cigars from the Dominican Republic have a hefty price because of the cost of materials and labor, which is why the Dominican Primeros line is a breakthrough for Dominican cigars. This cigar is an excellent economical alternative to such famous Dominican brands as Montecristo and Macanudo.

Q & A: Stalk Cutting?

What is "stalk cut tobacco?"

11/02/09 | by TC of Las Vegas, NV

Normally, field workers caring for tobacco plants will cut the leaves off in "primings" beginning at the bottom of the plant. About every two weeks another priming will be cut until all of the leaves are removed. This method allows the nutrients of the plant to travel up the stalk into the leaves, creating different levels of strength and flavor that become stronger as you move to the higher primings (top set of leaves). These leaves are then cured in barns and are detached from the plant. Stalk cutting, however, involves chopping down the entire plant by making one diagonal cut at the bottom of the stalk. The leaves are not removed. The entire plant is then flipped upside down and the leaves cure while still attached to the plant. In doing so, the stalk continues to feed the leaves nutrients throughout the entire curing process until the stalk is completely stripped of its minerals and flavor characteristics. This process of curing takes a lot longer than traditional methods, but creates a more potent and robust leaf. Therefore, a lower priming stalk cut leaf such as volado will be stronger and more flavorful than a volado leaf taken from a non-stalk cut plant. Currently, this method is only practiced in parts of Brazil and Connecticut, USA. 

by Sean G

Review: Diesel Cigars

Sean G Diesel
The first puff overwhelms the palate with rich smoke as earth and sweet cocoa intermingle for a great flavor. The cigar becomes robust as it flawlessly burns from inch to inch but still maintains a perfect balance with underlying hints of black pepper. The finish is relatively long but enjoyable as espresso lingers on the palate. Excellent.