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Spotlight Brand: Oliva Connecticut Reserve

November 18, 2009 |

This is not your typical Connecticut -wrapped cigar. 

Oliva is a smaller more boutique cigar company that takes exceptional pride in the quality of their cigars. In Nicaragua they are one of the largest tobacco growers and roll their own crop. They oversee every aspect of the production of a cigar from seed to smoke, which is not something many people in the cigar business do successfully. For this reason, we love Oliva products because they are consistent in flavor, construction, strength, and body day in and day out at a reasonable price.

Connecticut Reserve is a well-needed addition to Oliva's portfolio of brands. As the only Connecticut-wrapped beauty in their lineup, the blend still maintains a perfect balance of strength and flavor. Although mellow to medium-bodied, spicy characteristics are present due to the mix of premium, Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos used as the filler. The smoke is creamy with many nuances of earth and cedar with an incredibly light, sweet character noticeable on the lips. With a medium finish that leaves an enjoyable hint of white pepper on the palate, Oliva Connecticut Reserve is a home run.

Q & A: What To Enjoy After Thanksgiving Dinner?

What type of cigar should I enjoy after Thanksgiving dinner?

11/16/09 | by MS of Flint, MI


The simpliest answer we can give is to enjoy a cigar you know you love. Now, of course there are cigars created specifically to pair well with a hearty, full meal such as a turkey feast and we'll discuss those shortly, but the art of cigar enjoyment remains completely subjective and although we can provide some great ideas for blends to try this Thanksgiving, in reality, the experience all comes down to you and what you personally enjoy. After a full meal, usually you'll want to try a blend offering a ton in terms of body and flavor. Your palate will be filled with fat cells from all of the turkey or other meats you'll consume, which actually aids in creating a flavorful, palate tingling experience. The smoke from your cigar will stick to these fat cells, allowing for a rich character with many noticeable complexities. We recommend enjoying a Habano wrapped cigar such as Don Pepin Garcia, Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet, or Man O' War Ruination as they are strong but will compliment your full stomach very well while remaining potent enough to allow your palate to still pick up all of their distinguishing characteristics. If you try to enjoy a mellow Connecticut for example, you may find yourself with a bland flavor since the strength and body of the smoke won't stand out among the other nuances left on your palate from your big meal. A maduro is also a great choice after a full meal if you're searching for a sweeter experience. If a maduro sounds like your cup o' tea, then we highly recommend Diesel as your holiday indulgence. 

by Dave

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