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Spotlight Brand: Diesel Cigars

December 9, 2009 |

The original.

One of AJ Fernandez's most popular blends, Diesel exudes a ton of full flavors in a medium to full-bodied format, allowing for a stout, complex experience with perfect balance. AJ Fernandez is a Cuban-born cigar maker continuing three generations of tobacco mastery. After spending most of his life working with premium tobacco in Cuba, AJ moved to Nicaragua to begin producing his own cigars.

Diesel exudes a unique leathery and spicy flavor with a toasty core of espresso beans. The package has a classic, rustic look while the blend is perfectly balanced and will appeal to any aficionado who appreciates premium tobacco. Boasting fillers from Nicaragua's Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli regions, each and every leaf is aged for three years, then concealed with a dark and oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. This is one unique cigar you're sure to love.

If you're searching for a Diesel blend that packs a bit more of a punch, then pick up a box of Diesel Shorty Ltd. Edition. These special cigars were crafted by Hollywood reality TV star Shorty Rossi as his daily cigar. Shorty spent time with A.J. Fernandez to craft this special 4.5"x60 size that packs a full-bodied punch from start to finish.

Q & A: Identifying The Cap?

Someone told me to always cut my cigar no further than the cap. What is the cap of a cigar?

12/03/09 | by KL of Cleveland, OH

There are three main parts to a cigar: head, body and foot. The foot is the end you light and the cap rests at the top of the head. If you examine the head closely, you'll see an outline of a small piece of tobacco circling the diameter of the entire cigar. That piece of tobacco is the cap. A cap is applied to every cigar for construction purposes. Some cigars, such as Cubans, are actually triple-capped so you may notice multiple outlines depending on the brand and type of cigar you are enjoying. The cap prevents the wrapper from unraveling while you enjoy your cigar, which is why you should never cut it fully off. Therefore, you should always cut your cigar no further down than the outline of the cap to guarantee an enjoyable experience.

by Bryan

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