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Spotlight Brand: Perdomo Grand Cru 2006 Connecticut

January 6, 2010 |

Premium, well-aged tobaccos from 2006.

When it comes to Perdomo, you can always expect superior quality. The Perdomo family has been greatly involved in the tobacco industry for at least three generations. With that in mind, they concentrate their quality control practices not only on the efforts of rolling each individual stick, but more so on growing quality tobacco. Each Perdomo cigar must maintain a consistent flavor from box to box, in addition to passing some of the highest quality control standards in the industry.

When one of the brands in your portfolio is Perdomo Champagne, you know you have a huge act to follow when you go to make another Connecticut-wrapped cigar. Never backing down from a challenge, the folks at Perdomo have delivered in a big way. Perdomo's Grand Cru Connecticut is one of the finest mellow-bodied cigars on the market. The tasty blend of 6-year-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos go perfectly with the seamless Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. With notes of cedar, cream, and cashews, this blend delivers on all levels.

Q & A: Relighting Your Cigar

What's the etiquette on relighting my cigar if it goes out? Is it frowned upon?

1/06/10 | by NP of Green Bay, WI

​​​​First and foremost, if your cigar extinguishes itself, it is perfectly acceptable to relight it. However, due to the charred tobaccos in the cigar, you may experience some foul and acrid nuances, which will create an unpleasant flavor. To avoid this, knock off any and all remaining ash left attached to the foot of the stick and then lightly blow through the cigar. In doing so, any extra ash left inside the burnt tobacco will be pushed out of the foot, along with any loose pieces of tobacco previously burned. Use a torch lighter to heat up the outer layer of wrapper and then begin to light the filler, while simultaneously puffing on the cigar and lightly blowing through it. The method of blowing through the stick will prevent any foul tastes from entering your palate while any excess ash will be burned away, leaving nothing but a truly satisfying taste and aroma.

by Dave

Review: Tatuaje Havana VI

Dave Tatuaje Havana VI
Artistas (6.2"x52) This torpedo features a sturdy frame and exudes a ton of thick, creamy smoke. You'll taste a good amount of pepper during the initial light but the blend only slightly builds in strength, providing a great balance between body and flavor.

Hermosos (5.6"x46) Great after dinner. The length creates full flavors and allows for a slightly stronger body, making this size robust and complex. The ring gauge keeps the stick burning slow, even and creates hearty nuances with a lengthy finish.

Nobles (5.0"x50) A great 45-minute indulgence. Consistent in flavor from start to finish with many competing nuances of earth throughout. Light spices grace the palate for a medium finish while the smoke emitted is thick and aromatic.

Almirantes (7.0"x47) With a perfect balance between flavor and strength, this size burns like your standard churchill. Expect at least 70 minutes of enjoyment as the blend burns clean and even. Pepper and rich notes of cedar intermingle throughout. Enjoyably complex.

Victorias (6.0"x38) If you enjoy long cigars and relatively quick smokes, then Victorias is your size as it only burns for about 30 minutes. Very robust and incredibly potent, this almost tastes like a different blend since its long length and small ring gauge create a full body with an exorbitant amount of pepper left to tantalize your senses. Burned hot and slightly uneven.

Angeles (4.6"x42) A perfect winter blend. You'll only need about 25 minutes to enjoy this size. The flavors produced are potent and earthy, maintaining a great character, but the cigar burns incredibly hot.
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