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Spotlight Brand: Cain by Oliva

February 17, 2010 |

Cain is able...

Considered one of the best new releases in 2009 Cain provides substantial flavor and body as it contains 100% Nicaraguan ligero long leaves from Condega, Jalapa, and Esteli, while maintaining a smooth character due to its triple-fermented tobacco.

Oliva has left a substantial mark on the cigar industry over the past five years. As one of the world’s most prestigious cigar makers, their highly-rated blends can only be found at the most reputable tobacconists throughout the world. In 2007, Oliva received an unprecedented '94' rating from Cigar Aficionado for their Serie ‘V’ line, which was also designated as the top new release that year. 

Cain is simply a intense blend. The idea was to create a strong cigar using all ligero leaves from Nicaragua's top three growing regions while maintaining a smooth character, and the Oliva family hit the nail on the head. These leaves are then draped with either a toothy Habano wrapper, adding more robust nuances to the blend, or a sleek and oily maduro, which provides sweet flavors to the finish. Right off the bat you'll experience dry earth with a spicy aftertaste, but the finish is surprisingly light. The blend builds in strength as the cigar burns slowly and evenly. With a pleasant aroma consisting of hints of cedar, this full-bodied cigar is an excellent afternoon delight or an evening night cap. But be warned: you will feel the strength of the ligero filler in your head and gut. Cain is a great cigar for the full-bodied enthusiast who’s searching for a strong, yet balanced everyday indulgence.

Q & A: Aroma vs. Flavor?

What is the difference between a cigar's aroma and its flavor?

2/08/10 | by PS of Newtown, PA

Naturally, most assume a cigar's aroma is simply "what the smoke smells like." However this is not 100% true. A cigar's aroma not only consists of the smoke produced from the burning tobacco, but also how the cigar smells before being lit. Before you toast the foot of any cigar you plan to enjoy, you should practice what is referred to as the "pre-light ritual." Before lighting, examine your cigar in your hands, feel it, put the foot to your nostrils and smell the raw tobaccos that make up the filler. Smell the wrapper and draw through the cigar before lighting to pick up some of its raw flavor. This will help you to taste all the different nuances that will be produced once the cigar is lit. These qualities all contribute to a cigar's aroma. 

by Dave

Review: 5 Vegas Triple-A

Dave 5 Vegas Triple-A
The wrapper is incredibly oily with light veins and a smooth, seamless appearance. Very attractive. Upon lighting, light earthy nuances exist as thick smoke engulfs your palate. Cycle the smoke through your nose and you'll find sweet, coffee-like flavors on the finish. Expect a cool burn and effortless draw due to the thick ring gauge as the strength increases from medium to full as the blend burns. Rich and complex, this cigar is easily comparable to Camacho Triple Maduro or Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Maduro. Excellent.
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