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Spotlight Brand: Graycliff 'G2'

March 3, 2010 |

Graycliff elegance, moderately priced.

The Graycliff name has become a staple in a world filled with cigar and wine connoisseurs searching for the best products money can buy. Graycliff owner Enrico Garzaroli founded his esteemed resort in 1973, establishing not only the Caribbean's first 5 star restaurant, but also creating the home to what is now the world's second largest private wine collection. In addition to his resort and wine cellar, Erico Garzaroli also set out to create the finest cigars available, and thus the Graycliff brand was born.

Graycliff 'G2' is a slight departure from the rest of the Graycliff lines in terms of price. 'G2' still maintains the same quality and construction enthusiasts have come to love about Graycliff, but is offered at a far less expensive price. Made in Nicaragua, this cigar offers a medium body, consisting of Cuban-seed, long-leaf tobaccos hailing from Nicaragua and the Dominican, which are concealed by an Ecuadoran Connecticut Shade wrapper. It is perfectly balanced, and offers peppery nuances while providing a creamy smoke with a spicy, but enjoyable finish.

Q & A: Segundos?

What is a segundo?

3/02/10 | by JL of Destin, FL

Segundo simply means second in spanish and is the term used to describe cigars that do not pass final quality inspection at the factory. Factory managers and manufacturers such as Rocky Patel have rigorous quality control standards. They inspect each and every cigar that comes off the line, searching for blemishes, wrapper discoloration and other cosmetic problems. Any cigars that have further issues such as a poor draw or an acrid taste are discarded. These "segundos" however still contain the same exact blend as the firsts and burn well - they simply don't meet up to the cosmetic standards set by the factory. At, we jump at the chance to get segundos since we can offer them to our clients at a phenominal price due to their cosmetic problems. In the end, you can pick up a $5 segundo that tastes and burns the same as its $10 first, which is why they are great choice for new and experienced aficionados. 

by Sean G

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