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Q & A: Flavored vs. Infused Cigars

What is the difference between flavored and infused cigars?

4/07/10 | by MM of Detroit, MI

Great question. Most flavored cigars are machine-made and utilize different types of syrups to create a particular flavor. The flavored syrup is usually applied length-wise on the binder before the cigar is finalized with a wrapper leaf. This method tends to create burn and draw issues if the syrup is not properly applied and is a cost-effective way of creating flavored sticks. The infusion process, however, remains the most premium and effective method for adding unique characteristics and flavors to a cigar that aren't naturally present in the tobacco leaves. The leaves are hung in curing rooms while different types of herbs and botanicals are sprayed in with the humidity. The tobacco leaves in each cigar then absorb the humidity and naturally take on the flavor of the particular herb being used. Manufacturers tend to regularly infuse tobacco with premium cognac and different types of coffee, although Drew Estate is currently the leader in infused cigars as they still maintain a secret process, creating flavors and nuances that have yet to be duplicated. 

by Dave


Bryan El Mejor Espresso
Torpedo (6.5"x54) Potent and supremely rich from the start. This size keeps the sweet-characters to a minimum while producing a hearty, yet mellow earthy flavor with a touch of pepper that rests on the back of the palate. You'll experience many competing espresso notes that keep your interest from the start. Impressive.

Robusto (5.5"x50) Smooth and mellow with soothing full flavors. This 45-minute stick contains many more sweet nuances than the other sizes and presents complexities during the first two inches. The final three build in strength for a medium finish while the smoke leaves an oily feel on your palate.

Toro (6.0"x52) Well-balanced, maintaining the same flavor from head to foot. Up front you're met with a sugar-sweet nuance that slightly masks its hearty and bold earthy core. Remains rich throughout and offers a long-lasting finish.

Churchill (7.0"x50) Not our size of choice but a perfect blend if you enjoy chewy, thick smoke with robust, hearty flavors throughout. This stick offers very little in terms of sweetness and just builds in strength without ever becoming full-bodied. Burned unevenly and the ash did not hold for more than an inch.
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