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Spotlight Brand: Cain 'F' Nub by Oliva

April 21, 2010 |

Big, bold, and beautiful...

Cain 'F' Nub combines two of Oliva's most unique concepts in blending into one, full-flavored, full-bodied masterpiece. 

Cain 'F' is the most full-bodied blend from the Oliva family. Rolled in a Habano wrapper similar to that of Cain Habano, 'F' uses Ligero from plants grown in the most nutrient-rich regions of Nicaragua, creating supremely bold nuances with a long, hearty finish. 

Cain 'F' Nub comes in a stout 4"x60 parejo. The blend produces ample flavors up front that build throughout the course of the cigar. While the cigar builds in strength, like all Nubs it remains perfectly balanced, eliminating any harsh or unpleasant flavors on the finish. Super smooth, rich and incredibly potent, Cain 'F' Nub was created solely for the full-bodied, experienced aficionado.

Q & A: To Cello Or Not To Cello?

Should I remove my cigars from their cellophane wrappers before placing them in my humidor?

4/21/10 | by LT of Hoboken, NJ

This is a tough question as the decision comes down to your personal preference. Cellophane is porous so it will not prevent any humidity from reaching your cigars and therefore it is perfectly acceptable to age your cigars while encased in cellophane. In fact, many enthusiasts age their cigars in cellophane because the plastic will actually turn yellow over time, a sign that the cigar is aging properly. Cellophane also protects your cigars from damages and prevents them from "marrying" each other while in your humidor. Cigars release oils and aromas as they age so many people tend to keep their maduros wrapped in cellophane while the naturals remain naked and vice versa, to prevent the lighter Connecticuts from taking on the characteristics of heavier maduros or Habanos. Furthermore, the cellophane will actually hold more moisture, providing a buffer if the humidity in your humidor randomly drops, preventing the cigars from going into shock or cracking.

by Bryan

Review: La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte

Sean G La Herenica Cubana Oscuro Fuerte
Toro (6.5"x50) Great burn and draw. Created thick, creamy smoke and a ton of complex earthy nuances with a rich, flavorful after taste. Maintained a medium finish with a medium body and can be enjoyed any time of day.

Belicoso (5.0"x56) Burned slightly uneven but corrected itself immediately. Produces a ton of smoke while burning cool from the start. Offers an effortless draw and creates an incredibly full character while leaving an oily feel on your palate.

Salomon (7.1"x58) Tight draw at first, due to the shape of this cigar. Toast the end well to prevent an uneven burn. The blend really opened up after two inches, creating hearty, earthy flavors with some pepper flavors mixed throughout. Will burn for at least 70 minutes.

Robusto (5.5"x54) A decent 45 minute cigar. Not as complex as the other sizes but maintained a consistent flavor from start to finish. You'll notice this size offers a sweeter character on the finish and does not burn as robust, keeping a smooth mellow after taste from the start.
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