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Spotlight Brand: Bahia Trinidad

All Nicaraguan. All Value.

Introduced to the U.S. market in December of 1996, Bahia Trinidad is an affordable, tasty cigar which received respectable ratings upon its release.

During the cigar boom of the 1990s, Bahia was one of the hottest brands on the market. Their initial releases consisted of Bahia, Bahia Gold and Bahia Maduro, all of which were well-rated by industry publications. Today, they are still available at a handful of venues, and we are proud to be one of the few retailers still offering these old Bahia favorites.

If you enjoy Nicaraguan tobacco, Bahia Trinidad would be an excellent everyday options as it contains tasty long-leaf from Condega and Estelí, all bound by a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper. The combination produces a flavorful experience with a wonderful aroma, a medium body, competing notes of cedar and earth, and a hint of nutmeg. Sweet nuances exist on the finish leaving a balanced character. For the price, this blend can't be beat.

Q & A: Organic Tobacco?

What is organic tobacco and how is it different?

5/03/10 | by JN of Salina, KS

​All cigar tobacco is natural but not all natural tobacco can be referred to as "organic." The different between the two is simply the method in which the tobacco is grown. Organic tobaccos are grown in natural fertile soil, just like all other cigar tobacco, but these farms are not treated with any sort of pesticides, growing chemicals, or any other superficial elements. There are no extra nutrients added to the soil and special processes used to treat the tobacco. 

by Sean G

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