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Spotlight Brand: 5 Vegas Triple-A

May 19, 2010 |

'A' Broadleaf maduro at its best.

Another fantastic blend from the award winning 5 Vegas line, Triple-A combines tobaccos from Nicaragua's top growing regions with an oily Broadleaf maduro wrapper to create a full-bodied array of complex flavors guaranteed to stimulate your palate for hours of enjoyment.

Aficionados and enthusiasts across the globe have come to love 5 Vegas. The brand is simply perfect: there is a blend suitable for every palate, the cigars are consistent in flavor and construction time and time again, the price points are simply stunning, and they've even earned ratings as high as '90' by Cigar Aficionado. With those types of characteristics, there is no surprise that 5 Vegas is the "go-to" brand for cigar enthusiasts from all walks of life.

When you pick up Triple-A, you'll immediately notice its weight—the blend is very heavy in the hand, densely packed with premium Nicaraguan ligero leaves from Condega, Jalapa, and Esteli. Upon lighting you'll experience a smooth character of earthy nuances with sweetness in the aftertaste before the blend immediately blasts your palate with black pepper, which transforms to toasty hints of oak and leather. Espresso and cocoa flavors are easily noticeable on the finish as the cigar burns even and cool from the start. The beautiful maduro wrapper creates a super tasty rich flavor and thick, milky puffs. We truly enjoy this great addition to the 5 Vegas portfolio and are sure you will too!

Q & A: Torch Lighter Issues?

I enjoy using torch lighters to light my cigars but I tend to have a lot of problems with them. Is this common?

5/19/10 | by RD of Buford, SC

Torch lighters are rather delicate items with many small, moving parts. They need to be properly cared for in order to prevent any sort of discomfort or irritable problems. It's always useful to keep a can of compressed air nearby to assist with cleaning out the ignition system. Dirt and small debris such as pocket lint can clog the ignition system, which will obviously cause problems when using your lighter and compressed air is powerful enough to fix the issue. In addition, always be sure to use triple-refined butane as it contains very little impurities so it burns hotter, has a less chance of clogging your ignition system and it consistently ignites easily. The other major issue that causes problems is having too much air in the gas tank. You must "bleed" your torch lighters before refilling. When your lighter is empty, simply use a small screwdriver or needle and depress the intake valve, which will release any left over butane and air out of the tank. If there is too much air in the tank when refilling, the butane will not mix properly with the air, forming pockets, which will prevent a steady burn upon ignition. By following these three easy steps, you will eliminate 99% of the problems you have with your torch lighter. 

by Sean G

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