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Spotlight Brand: El Triunfador

June 2, 2010 |

Tatuaje delivers another showstopper.

El Triunfador releases an exceptionally rich character due to its dark and oily Habano Rosado wrapper that conceals a mellow to medium-bodied, full-flavored mixture of premium Nicaraguan long-leaves.

Most of Tatuaje's cigar production takes place at My Father Cigar Factory, who incorporates traditional Cuban-style blending and rolling methods into every stick. For this reason, each Tatuaje cigar combusts perfectly due to the "entubado" style in which the filler is bunched and rolled together, allowing all aspects of the tobacco's flavor to be tasted with each puff. Perfectly constructed, each stick shows almost no veins and comes finished with an authentic triple cap. Tatuaje has become a "go-to" brand for the most discerning aficionados worldwide, due to the brand's limited, unique blends and consistent flavor and construction.

Developed by Pete Johnson with production overseen by Jaime Garcia, it's hard to overlook this newcomer to the Tatuaje line. The initial light produces full-flavors that engulf the palate with dense smoke. Naturally, the blend builds from the start, but this Tatuaje actually creates a sweet nuance on the finish while remaining smooth throughout. For those of you searching for a full-flavored yet subtle Tatuaje, El Triunfador is the one.

Q & A: Salt Test?

What is a salt test?

5/31/10 | by ES of Lynchburg, TN

Great question. In the cigar world, a 'salt test' refers to a method used to check your hygrometer's accuracy in determining proper humidity. When salt is mixed with distilled water, it naturally creates 75% humidity after a period of 24 hours. Therefore, if you feel your analog or digital hygrometer is not working properly, you can perform a salt test to determine if it is faulty and or recalibrate it. 

by Bryan

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