Spotlight Brand: Man O' War Virtue

Man O' War Virtue

As Mellow as Man O' War goes!

A smooth & mellow blend... done Man O' War style! Virtue finds AJ Fernandez bringing a softer side to his bag of blending abilities. Although these do feature Connecticut-seed wrapper leaves, grown under Shade, and then its spicy edges soothed by extra allocations of cedar aging, make no mistakes - this is still, without doubt, a MAN O' WAR blend. This means its still a very full-flavored offering, book-ended beautifully by its brethren MOW blends. An excellent example of tobacco artistry, Virtue successfully combines the right amount of dark Nicaraguan Ligeros with golden Shade-grown wrapper. The recipe results in a smooth & relaxing experience, but not without enough kick to remind you it's a card-carrying member of the Man O' War family. Simply fantastic, one of the tastiest Connecticut blends on the market!

Q & A: Herf-a-Dor Storage?

Can I regularly store my cigars in my Herf-a-Dor?

6/23/10 | by FJ of Denver, CO

We don't recommend using any Herf-a-Dor as a regular storage or aging device. They are made to protect your cigars when you travel or partake in such activities as fishing, boating or vacationing, among others. Whatever the case, they are not made to store or age your cigars for lengthy periods of time. Our experts recommend rotating cigars in and out of your Herf-a-Dor over a two week time period. This will prevent them from drying out or receiving too much humidity. 

by Dave

Review: Diesel Cigars

Sean G Diesel Shorty
If you're looking for the full-bodied, spicy counterpart to Diesel, this is it. The flavor changed drastically from the original Diesel blend due to the 4.5"x60 parejo frame. You're immediately met with potent spices and notes of pepper from the start while the strength slowly builds. Still maintaining the same filler blend and wrapper as the original Diesel, Shorty Ltd. Edition also has a semi-sweet finish and comes perfectly balanced. Great smoke.