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Spotlight Brand: Man O' War Virtue

A Connecticut done Man O' War style.

The only Connecticut Shade covered creation in AJ Fernandez's Man O' War line, Virtue brings a mellow-ish finesse to the fam. It's toned down a bit in body, but this super-premium is still very full-flavored, akin to its cousin Man O' War blends.

One of the most complex, heavily nuanced Connecticut-wrapped cigars you can buy, Virtue's also arguably the smoothest cigars from Fernandez's Factory in Estelí. It contains the perfect proportion of long-leaf Nicaraguan Ligeros in its filler, providing a kick that will keep all you full-bodied fans feeling the love. But, by balancing the black Ligeros with some lower-priming Seco and Viso leaf (grown on Fernandez's family-owned fields), AJ ensured Virtue would ultimately be a medium-bodied experience. Very smooth & creamy from start to finish, you won't believe how buttery this beauty is. Each and every Virtue is hugged by only the highest-quality Connecticut Shade wrapper money can buy. Grown under the natural, consistent cloud cover of the Ecuadoran sky, then aged nearly a decade, this gem is 2nd to none in every way. Experience all the virtues of this AJ-made masterpiece for yourself, while they're in stock & on sale!

Q & A: Herf-a-Dor Storage?

Can I regularly store my cigars in my Herf-a-Dor?

6/23/10 | by FJ of Denver, CO

We don't recommend using any Herf-a-Dor as a regular storage or aging device. They are made to protect your cigars when you travel or partake in such activities as fishing, boating or vacationing, among others. Whatever the case, they are not made to store or age your cigars for lengthy periods of time. Our experts recommend rotating cigars in and out of your Herf-a-Dor over a two week time period. This will prevent them from drying out or receiving too much humidity. 

by Dave

Review: Diesel Cigars

Sean G Diesel Shorty
If you're looking for the full-bodied, spicy counterpart to Diesel, this is it. The flavor changed drastically from the original Diesel blend due to the 4.5"x60 parejo frame. You're immediately met with potent spices and notes of pepper from the start while the strength slowly builds. Still maintaining the same filler blend and wrapper as the original Diesel, Shorty Ltd. Edition also has a semi-sweet finish and comes perfectly balanced. Great smoke.
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