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Spotlight Brand: Cain Nub by Oliva

July 21, 2010 |

A powerful blend you can sink your teeth into...

Combining two of the Oliva family's best blending concepts, Cain Nub features the exciting, full-bodied Cain blend in a special line of Nub sizes, creating one of the richest, full-bodied and well-balanced cigars on the market.

The Oliva family developed the ever-popular Nub brand based on sizes created to capture what they call the "essence" of the blend. After months of blending, they realized each cigar offers a "sweet spot" where the cigar's flavor and body come together in perfect balance, and they were able to create the Nub brand, which incorporates this "sweet spot" throughout the entire course of the smoke. Team Oliva then went on to develop Cain, using a special blend of "straight-ligero" tobaccos to create a well-balanced yet completely spicy, full-bodied and full-tilt cigar. The Oliva family has now combined these two winning concepts together, creating the ultimate cigar experience.

Cain Nub comes wrapped in your choice of Habano or maduro leaves and each feature 100% Nicaraguan straight-ligero long leaves as filler. A zesty Nicaraguan binder completes the blend as it comes produced in Nub's most popular and requested sizes. The result is a full-bodied, complex cigar that maintains a smooth character from the start. The blend builds in strength from head to foot without ever become overwhelming. Like Nub, Cain Nub sizes although short, will burn for at least an hour or more so enjoy these beauties slowly; take your time with them and allow the tobaccos to combust together for an excellent, full-flavored experience.

Q & A: Water Pillows?

What exactly is a water pillow?

7/19/10 | by WG of Manhattan, KS

Water pillows are small devices used to regulate humidity. They usually come in the form small pouches and once soaked in distilled water, create and release 70% humidity through diffusion. They also absorb extra moisture as well. For this reason, water pillows are a common form of humidification used widely across the cigar industry. To be specific, the inside has polysodium acrylate, which is a super absorbent compound that comes in the form of a powder. When soaked in water, the compound turns into a gel-like substance and expands, forming a "pillow." This compound then slowly dries out over the course of 30 days, at which point it can be reactivated or thrown out. 

by Andrew

Review: Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo

Dave Joyo De Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo
Poderoso (6.0"x54) This torpedo is super smooth yet maintains that robust character you're searching for when picking up an Antano. You'll get ample notes of spice and pepper but a semi-sweet finish leaves your palate feeling crisp.

Azarosa (4.5"x52) Recommended for those trying this blend for the first time. Spicy and robust with a clean finish. Expect a true, even burn with an effortless draw as this stick gains complexity from head to foot.

Pesadilla (4.7"x60) This thick perfecto creates a ton of complexity from the start with semi-sweet nuances throughout that intermingle with earthy, cedar-like flavors as the cigar burns. The second half of this beast is potent, strong and super full, which keeps your interest. Not balanced.

El Martillo (5.5"x54) The compliment to the Azarosa size, El Martillo is bold. While Azarosa creates a great balanced between spice, pepper and sweetness, El Martillo focuses on strength and a hearty character. Recommended for those who enjoy thick, full-bodied, full-tilt robustos. Offers a smooth finish.

Peligroso (5.0"x44) A firecracker to say the least. If you prefer a plethora of spice and pepper up front with no relief, this is your stick. Lost points due to a tight draw and it burns slightly hot, especially the last 3 inches.
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