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September 1, 2010 |

Q & A: Double Maduro

What does the term "double maduro" mean?

8/30/10 | by DM of Hartford, CT

​​There are three basic parts to every cigar: wrapper, binder and filler. Double maduro is the term used to describe any cigar that features a maduro leaf binder and a maduro leaf wrapper. The combination of using two maduro leaves tends to create thick, milky smoke with rich, hearty flavors and a natural hint of sweetness. Manufacturers tend to produce double maduro cigars when they want to create a strong blend utilizing full-bodied filler tobaccos while also searching for balanced notes of earth and semi-sweet influences. Using two maduro leaves as wrapper and binder counteracts the strength, creating that perfect balance between spice, earth, pepper and sweetness. You'll also find double maduros are created as "special, limited release" blends as the wrappers cost more to produce and take much longer to cure, ferment and age. 

by Bryan

Review: Cain Nub by Oliva

Sean G Cain Nub
464 Torpedo (4.0"x64) Potent and hearty from head to foot with an incredibly smooth finish. The Habano offers spicy nuances throughout that surround a core of earth while the maduro maintains a sweetness that lasts throughout the finish. Both versions are quite complex and will perfectly complement your favorite meal.

460 (4.0"x60) Expect a burst of earth and red pepper from the start as the size allows the strength to build throughout. This stick will burn for at least an hour while creating thick, milky smoke. Both versions still create a long, smooth finish while the Habano creates a full-bodied robust character with no sweet nuances.
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