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Spotlight Brand: Diesel Cigars Unlimited

Diesel Unlimited: robust and spicy.

Hailing from Tabacalera Fernandez, Diesel Cigars Unlimited is the second member of the Diesel family, and brings a full-bodied powerhouse to this popular line.

Unlimited sports a Cuban-seed ligero wrapper grown in the nutrient-rich valleys of Ecuador. Several blenders have used this leaf in the past, but this is the first cigar ever created utilizing this thick, meaty leaf as a wrapper. As a result, a great deal of fermentation is required in order to achieve its balance of flavor as well as proper appearance and combustion.

The wrapper's robust and spicy nature is further enhanced by thick and hearty filler tobaccos from Nicaragua's Condega and Esteli regions, along with some long-leaf from Mexico's San Andres Valley, which adds a hint of sweetness to the blend. Diesel Unlimited offers a deep character with spicy tobacco notes of earth, leather, and oak. On a side note, AJ Fernandez believes this is one of the best blends he has created to date.

Q & A: Burn Problems?

What is the proper way to light my cigar? I regularly find myself with an uneven burn across multiple brands so I assume I'm doing something wrong.

11/01/10 | by NR of Athens, GA

Great question. Lighting a cigar properly is an incredibly important step to ensure your stick burns evenly and it honestly isn't as difficult or intricate as you would think. The best method we found is to lightly toast the foot of your cigar before even putting it in your mouth. This method primes the tobaccos, allowing them to easily combust once you begin to pull air through the stick. Once toasted, put the cigar in your mouth and puff while rotating the stick 360 degree.  Technically, you shouldn't allow the flame of your lighter to come in direct contact with the foot of the cigar, as the tobacos should combust just from the heat of the flame, but that takes some steady practice. If you practice this method and as long as your cigars are properly humidified, you should find yourself with a perfect burn almost 100% of the time.

by Sean G

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