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Spotlight Brand: La Gloria Cubana Serie N

December 5, 2010 |

You're going to "N" joy this one...

Created as the counterpart to the famous Serie R line, La Gloria Cubana Serie N brings a refined, medium to full-bodied maduro to this timeless brand. 

La Gloria Cubana became one of the most popular brands ever created during the cigar boom of 1990s. This brand is constantly sought after for its expert craftsmanship and consistent flavor. Originally created by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, the brand is enjoyed by new enthusiasts and experienced aficionados alike, as it offers a cigar for all palates.

Packed to the brim with hearty Nicaraguan long leaves and bound by an equally powerful Nicaraguan binder, Serie N features a thick, oily and mouth-watering Capa Oscuro wrapper that adds a unique sweetness to this incredibly balanced cigar. Expect full flavors of earth and black pepper as the blend's thick smoke fills the air with notes of cedar and anise. This is easily one of the top three blends ever produced by La Gloria Cubana.

Q & A: Factory Time?

Do you have staff members who visit cigar producing countries or does simply distribute cigars?

12/02/10 | by JH of New Haven, CT

​​Great question! Yes, we have many staff members who visit the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras regularly. In fact, if you were to tally up the man hours we collectively spend in cigar producing countries, you'll find we literally spend 6 months out of each year visiting factories. No joke. We are not just a distributor, we are cigar nuts. We take pride in our quality control, our House Blends and our customer service. We guarantee you won't get better service from any other company and that's because we are incredibly active in the cigar community, in the United States and beyond. 

by Bryan

Review: Pioneer Valley Connecticut

Dave Pioneer Valley
Robusto (5.0"x50) A smooth blend from head to foot with little left for the imagination. Sports a fantastic looking Connecticut wrapper leaf and releases tons of flavor. Perfectly constructed, this is an excellent way to start your day. Great with coffee.

Torpedo (6.2"x52) Torpedo shape added a ton of complex flavors. You'll easily pick up cedar, earth and light pepper from head to toe. Based on how far you cut the head of this cigar, you'll find the blend either mellow or medium-bodied - depending on the draw. Great stick to hand out on the golf course as it looks like a super premium but with an everyday price.

Corona (5.7"x43) Our personal favorite of all the sizes, although it burned hot and offered a tight draw. However, the flavor this corona exudes is unmatched by any other size. It's quite robust but with a super smooth finish that leaves a ton of cedar and earth on your palate. The aroma remains toasty while the stick produces little smoke.

Churchill (7.0"x50) This 7"x50 parejo seems like it'll produce a hearty, robust flavor but that wasn't the case. It lacked balance and maintained a semi-tight draw before it opened up after an inch. Furthermore, it burned unevenly. Besides those major issues, the flavor was quite complex, changing from inch to inch so this size definitely keeps your interest. It produced thick, creamy, milky smoke, unlike the corona size, and left a heavy finish on your palate. If we didn't experience the construction issues, this size would have earned a higher rating.
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