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Spotlight Brand: Gurkha Evil

Sometimes evil can be a good thing.

One of the strongest, richest offerings in Gurkha's portfolio, Evil was Gurkha's most anticipated release in 2010 due to its full-bodied character and its unique Dominican binder—extra-aged and extra-fermented for a fantastic punch on the finish.

Gurkha is a brand with many line extensions. The company focuses its attention on strict quality control and unique, rare packaging. Gurkha cigars are considered some of the most super-premium blends in the world, and are enjoyed by society's elite social groups. You can always expect excellent construction and consistency with Gurkha and unique, enjoyable flavors at that.

Gurkha Evil is filled with hearty, Nicaraguan ligeros and really takes your palate for a ride. The cigar is complex from first puff to last, producing ample notes of different spices including white and black pepper, anise and some clove-like influences. As the blend burns its strength increases, creating a full-bodied experience you'll feel in your head and gut. The blend's amped up Dominican binder really adds an interesting nuance as the Brazilian maduro wrapper leaves a pleasant sweetness on the finish. Perfectly balanced and one of Gurkha's best, Evil satisfies, period.

Q & A: Triple-Refined Butane?

What is triple-refined butane?

12/29/10 | by TA of Little Rock, AR

​​You should search for triple-refined butane if you need quality, dependable butane that will never cause any problems with your torch lighters. "Triple-refined" refers to the refining process done to the butane - the gas is processed and "filtered" at least three times before it's ready for distribution. The process purifies the butane, removing 99% of its impurities. The result creates a strong, potent mixture that smoothly operates in your torch lighter. If you have never used triple-refined butane before, you'll notice your torch lighter will perform better: it will ignite regularly without any problems since there are no impurities to clog the ignition system, the flame will burn much hotter - creating an easy light, and the butane won't produce any sort of unpleasantness in terms of flavor. We only use triple-refined butane and recommend Xikar Butane due to its high quality and affordable price. 

by Dave

Review: Graycliff Espresso Series

Bryan Graycliff Double Espresso
Easily the best tasting Graycliff cigar made to date. This short, hearty blend tantalizes your palate with its intense, strong and robust flavors. Black pepper and a multitude of spices will swirl around your mouth while the finish is bold with notes of cedar that stay with you far after the cigar is extinguished. Excellent but especially enjoyable after a hearty meal
Article Image

Article: Expert Tip: Humidification

​Maintaining proper, consistent humidity is critical to storing cigars. You could easily spend days researching recommendations on how to care for your humidor and maintain consistent humidity but you’d probably find yourself with more questions than answers. I recommend seasoning your humidor twice a year as the weather changes and maintaining two humidors; one for your everyday sticks and one for the blends you’d like to age. Follow this simple advice and you’ll find yourself consistently maintaining a humidor filled with well-aged cigars, year-round.

Believe it or not, humidity is sometimes overlooked by enthusiasts across the globe. Half of the cigar smokers that I’ve spoken to didn’t even own a hygrometer. The two most important tools: a hygrometer and a humidifier. Unfortunately, factory-supplied units are not the best in quality so I recommend spending the extra coin on more reliable units such as Humi-Care® products. It’s important to try and consistently keep your humidity at 68-70% at all times while ensuring the temperature remains at a cool 70 degrees. Consistency is key as any major fluctuations could upset the aging process and shock your cigars, causing problems with their burn, draw, smoke and flavor. Although consistency is the most important aspect of cigar maintenance, patience is the most important virtue to exercise as a cigar enthusiast. Just like weightlifting, you won’t see immediate results when first implementing these ideas into your daily routine, so don’t get discouraged. Be patient when maintaining your humidor and over time you’ll notice a positive change in flavor, construction and appearance.

When aging cigars, it is best to refrain from opening your humidor regularly. An excess of opening your humidor and handling your cigars disrupts the delicate aging process. Therefore, many aficionados will maintain two humidors: one for aging cigars and one for their everyday go-to brands. Be sure to keep your humidor in a cool, dry place during the summer months and in a warmer area during winter. Eventually, you’ll be able to tell the difference between a stored cigar and an aged cigar as aged sticks show oils, extracts, and offer a cedar aroma. They glimmer in light and are soft to the touch yet heavy in your hand. Most importantly, remember to exercise patience when caring for your humidor and you’ll rarely experience a problem with your cigars.

In short, anyone can own cigars. However, properly caring for and aging cigars in a consistent manner is nearly an art form requiring discipline, patience, and dedication. Once you master this concept, I guarantee you’ll discover a deeper passion for this art as your cigars will create a greater, more enjoyable experience. 

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