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Spotlight Brand: El Baton

February 6, 2011 |

El Baton is back, and it's better than ever. 

When El Baton was first introduced in 1914, it cost just a nickel. Can you imagine? Originally rolled with Cuban tobacco leaves, this tidy little handmade fell from the spotlight when machine-made cigars took the nation by the storm in the 20s. Nowadays, J.C. Newman offers up their first Nicaraguan puro under a familiar brand name. It'll cost you more than a nickel, but the experience is well worth it.

El Baton utilizes hand-selected long-fillers that were harvested from the rich soils of Nicaragua. Full in body and hearty in character, it has all the potency you expect from a Nicaraguan puro. Generous notes of nuts, coffee, spice, and raisins are present on the palate, as hints of mocha and pepper follow shortly behind. It's deliciously complex and full of exquisite flavors. Take a new look at an old classic, and add El Baton to your repertoire.

Q & A: Maduro Wrapper?

What is a maduro wrapper?

2/02/11 | by KT of Santa Clara, CA

​​​The word maduro literally translates to “ripe” in Spanish. After tobacco leaves are harvested from the plants, they are taken into a curing barn where over a 45 day period they change from green to brown. From there, the leaves ferment in large “pilones” or piles for up to three years. During fermentation, the leaves change from light to dark brown as the sugars extract and the leaves become less tannic. How long a leaf needs to ferment depends on the leaf’s thickness and nutrient content, which is determined by many factors including seed type, growing region and the priming on the plant. 

by Sean G

Review: La Diferencia Cubana

Sean G La Diferencia Cubana
Toro (6.0"x50) Mellow in body but thoroughly complex. The flavor builds and builds while the blend burns, leaving you with a fantastic, long-lasting yet smooth finish. Creamy and finished with light spices.

Robusto (5.0"x50) If you're looking for a medium-bodied La Diferencia, this size is it. The size allows for a hearty character that presents itself after one inch, while the ring gauge maintains a steady, consistent and effortless draw. You'll pull a ton of smoke into your palate with this robusto while tasting earth, pepper and cedar.

Churchill (7.0"x50) Slightly unbalanced. We expected this blend to build in strength even more so than the robusto. However, after 3 inches, the cigar actually mellows out transitioning from medium to mellow. An inch later, you'll find yourself tasting some rich complexities. Burned slightly hot.

Torpedo (6.5"x52) Really flavorful with a ton of spicy nuances throughout and a super smooth finish. This stick presents many different earthy sensations with a hint of sweetness. Balanced and slightly one dimensional.
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