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June 5, 2011 |

Q & A: Flavor Profiles

Why do some cigars start out mellow and end up full-bodied?

6/05/11 | by DF of Macon, GA


​The leaves in each cigar are specifically placed in accordance to how they will affect the overall taste and burn. When a cigar starts out mellow and becomes full, it is due to how the leaves are placed in the filler. A blender may put more subtle leaves towards the foot of the cigar while ensuring thicker, stronger leaves end up at the head or vice versa. This method of blending allows a cigar to develop in richness and flavor as it burns. Depending on what tobaccos are used in a cigar, it can either offer a complex or bland flavor profile in addition to a smooth or extremely aromatic smoke. 

Each tobacco leaf has two ends, the tip and the stem. Traditionally in Cuba, cigars are made with the tip of the leaf, or the lightest part of the leaf towards the foot, and the stem end, which is the richest and thickest part of the leaf towards the head. When a cigar burns, it will burn through the different flavor zones, thus providing a consistent development of flavor. Other cigars that remain mellow from head to foot are specifically blended to prevent an increase in flavor and strength. 

by Dave

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