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Q & A: Draw Problems?

My cigars are usually perfect but now I have a tight draw with every cigar I pull from my humidor. I can't figure it out.

6/15/11 | by DS of Peacham, VT

Your cigars are over humidified. As the seasons change, so does the humidity in your humidor which is why it's important to "season" your humidor a few times throughout the year. Summer is basically here so natural humidity levels are higher when compared to winter. You probably had to boost the humidity in your humidor during the winter months and now that it's summer, there's simply too much moisture in your humidor. I recommend opening the lid of your humidor for a good hour or so to allow some of the cedar to dry out. Your cigars will still be well humidified so when you close your humidor back up, it should reset itself. Make sure your humidor isn't in a hot part of your house or in direct sunlight, etc and you should be good to go until it gets colder. 

by Bryan

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