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Spotlight Brand: Brick House

July 3, 2011 |

Brick House delivers in a big way...

Rated '92' by Cigar Aficionado and honored among "The Best 25 Cigars of 2010," Brick House will impress even the most discerning aficionados with its smooth, creamy character and well-balanced flavor.

Brick House comes handmade from Nicaragua, hailing from Fabrica de Tabacos San Rafael S.A., distributed by J.C. Newman Cigar Co. The brand was originally launched by Julius Caeser Newman in 1937 to honor his family's heritage, and remains one of the oldest brands ever distributed by J.C. Newman Cigar Co. 

Originally a Cuban cigar, Brick House now comes packed full of well-aged Nicaraguan long-fillers all masked with a proprietary Havana Subido wrapper, making this beautiful cigar a Nicaraguan puro. At first glance, the wrapper offers a red appearance with some veins and a smooth, yet oily sheen. The smoke offers an oaky character with thick, creamy smoke that coats your palate, leaving behind an enjoyable oily feel. The cigar's construction is flawless as it burns cool and even from head to foot, while presenting a medium to full-bodied character that you won't find in any other blend. Definitely a must-try.

#17 Cigar of 2016 – ‘93’ Rated by Cigar Aficionado

Q & A: Dry Boxing?

What is dry boxing? Why does it help?

7/01/11 | by GG of Kenai, AK

​​Cigars should always be stored in an environment that maintains 65% to 73% humidity with a temperature no higher than about 70 degrees. That said, even though you may follow this rule religiously, certain brands of cigars may prefer a dryer, less moist climate and therefore may be too wet upon lighting. You can correct this problem by dry boxing your cigars.

To dry box your stogies, place your cigars in an un-humidified container such as an unseasoned humidor. The amount of time necessary to complete the dry boxing process depends on each individual cigar and how moist they are. On average, 2 to 4 days should suffice. We recommend using a Herf-a-Dor travel case to dry box your cigars since we found they regulate the humidity much better when compared to standard 20-capacity humidors. They allow the cigars to breathe while maintaining proper humidity levels and have served all of us best. 

by Sean G

Review: Punisher

Dave Cu Avana Punisher
You'll either love or hate this cigar with no middle ground inbetween. If you enjoy ridiculous amounts of hearty, heavy spices, full-throttled flavor, and a tingly sensation on your lips then you'll love Punisher. Bold is an understatement here. As soon as the cigar touches your lips you'll feel the power of this magnificent but super powerful blend. No exaggeration here, this is quite possibly the strongest cigar we've ever rated.
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