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Spotlight Brand: Obsidian

Ultra-fermented premiums from Pinar del Rio.

Feast your eyes on a blend more than two years in the making; a cigar so rich, so elegant, and so exceptionally bold that you'll find yourself with an unbearable craving for more.

From the makers of Pinar del Rio enters Obsidian, featuring Cuban-seed long leaves from Nicaragua and the Dominican masked by a creamy, dark, and super oily Brazilian Habano ligero wrapper. You'll find thick smoke swarming about your head while chewy notes of leather and hearty spices engulf your palate. Best of all, each special size creates a unique flavor profile of which you'll never tire.

Obsidian is a cigar you'll remember, a cigar you'll hand to your pals who will, in turn, graciously thank you for the premium gift. When you light this beauty up in public, you'll find cigar connoisseurs flocking to your vicinity due to its fantastic aroma. We love it. You'll love it.

Q & A: New to Cigars?

I'm new to cigars and need some help. Where do I start?

7/11/11 | by JG of Colorado Springs, CO


​​​​I can easily say there is a cigar out there for everyone, but the hardest part is finding it. If you're a new enthusiast, I recommend starting with premium, mellow cigars such as 5 Vegas Gold or Rocky Patel Connecticut. If you find that subtle cigars don't have enough flavor, then begin your transition to heavy, bolder blends such as Man O' War or Cohiba. Take it step by step and research each cigar you try. There are millions of cigars out there so the best advice I can give is to keep trying different blends. Eventually, you'll find something you love. A good place to start though, where you can find great deals on really good blends, is Daily Cigar Deal. Also, feel free to give Tim or one of our other experts a call and we'll help you find that perfect blend you've been searching for. 

by Sean G

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