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August 7, 2011 |

Q & A: Camping Cigars?

I'm an avid hunter/camper. Are there cigars made specifically for this type of occasion?

8/07/11 | by LB of Cape May, NJ


Unfortunately there are no current cigars in production made specifically for the hunter or camping enthusiast. However, there are many cigars available that will suit your needs. First of all, we don't recommend enjoying a cigar while hunting since your prey will smell the smoke from 10 miles away. Regardless, depending on where you hunt or camp will determine the type of cigar you should carry. If the weather is cold, bring something thick and heavy such as Man O' War Ruination - you won't be as relaxed in the cold and therefore it'll be easier to taste and enjoy a full-bodied cigar. If its warm, carry a mellow to medium blend such as Macanudo or Ave Maria, although in reality, it probably won't matter if your an avid cigar guru. 

We recommend a smaller ring gauge such as a corona in order to save space, plus you won't know how much time you'll have to enjoy your cigar...especially if your experiencing unpredictable natural elements. Finally, remove all of the bands from your cigars prior to your camping trip or hunting excursion to prevent unnecessary litter. 

by Dave

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