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Spotlight Brand: La Herencia Cubana CORE

A full-flavored, boutique from AJ Fernandez.

Produced in the same factory as Man O' War Ruination, Rocky Patel Fusion, and Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet, La Herencia Cubana stems from master blender AJ Fernandez. The name itself means “Cuban heritage” and for good reason: the blend is similar in flavor and complexity to those originating from Cuba's glory days.

Inside you'll find a unique, full-bodied, complex filler brimming with ligero tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras mixed with broadleaf from Pennsylvania. Outside, you'll see an aged Ecuadorian Habano ligero wrapper brimming with oils. Expect a bold array of creamy smoke while a plethora of earthy-rich tobacco flavors overwhelm your senses. Relax as a solid finish of toasted ligeros warms your soul and melts you to the core.

Q & A: Leaking Humidor?

I think my humidor is leaking humidity. How can I tell if it seals properly?

8/21/11 | by FI of San Antonio, TX

Great question. There are two things to check for. First, does the lid create a proper seal with the body of the humidor? Second, is the humidor manufactured properly; are all the corners flush with each other and all seams sealed? The easiest way to check the seal between the lid and body is to remove all items from your humidor and "drop the lid." Once your humidor is empty, open the lid about 3 to 5 inches and let it drop. If the lid slams shut, you don't have a proper seal. The lid should abruptly fall but when it hits the body it should create an air cushion, thus coming to a halt before settling on the body. If this occurs, you should be able to push down on the lid one final time and feel it close.

by Sean G

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