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Spotlight Brand: Gurkha Crest

Enjoy the best with Gurkha Crest.

One of Gurkha's more prestigious and expensive offerings, Gurkha Crest delivers a super-smooth, incredibly flavorful yet complex character due to its triple ligero long-fillers.

Enthusiasts from all around the world including heads of state, world leaders, and even the Sultan of Brunei, enjoy Gurkha cigars. These cigars utilize only the finest tobaccos available, and are created with impeccable craftsmanship due to Gurkha's incredibly high-quality assurance standards. Most of these blends are rare, only being released once and in very limited quantities.

Gurkha Crest sports a Connecticut Maduro wrapper leaf that conceals a premium Nicaraguan binder and filler. The tobaccos in this complex and elegant cigar are aged for 8 full years, creating a smooth, toasty medium-bodied flavor that leaves a crisp finish on your palate. Bold and satisfying, it's best to save this handmade for a special occasion.

Q & A: Cutting Torpedos?

How should I approach cutting torpedos?

11/06/11 | by BC of Chicago, IL

Torpedos can be a little tricky when making a cut. First, you should always use a guillotine cutter. Any other cutters will only mangle the head of the cigar and leave you smokeless. Now, while using the guillotine cutter on a torpedo, remember to cut above the cap of the cigar; the cap being the very top of the cigar that holds everything together. If you cut below this point, the cigar will unravel as it burns and you won’t get very far. Once you’re ready to cut, remember that where you cut is completely up to you (as long as you stay above the cap). That’s the beauty of a torpedo. You can cut a wide opening or a small opening depending on your preference. Also, you can cut the head on an angle so that you ensure the smoke will be aimed towards your tongue or the roof of your mouth, depending on your preferences. By doing this, you’ll notice that you’ll pick up different flavors on different parts of your palate. That is the beauty of enjoying torpedos; depending on the cut, you can get a variety of different flavors. 

by Sean G

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