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Spotlight Brand: CAO Black

December 18, 2011 |

CAO's original blend...

CAO Black is the original CAO blend that put the brand on the map and led to the overwhelming success of CAO cigars today. Only available at and a small number of retailers worldwide, these cigars are often difficult to find.

When Cano Ozgener transitioned from pipe maker to cigar manufacturer, he had no idea how big his cigar business was about to become. In fact, today an overwhelming majority of their business is in cigars. They have developed some of the most unique cigar concepts and have utilized state of the art packaging and high-grade tobacco to put CAO on the map as one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the world with distribution inside and outside the US. 

CAO Black is a rare find. The first regular blend ever made by CAO, it is only available at a handful of select retailers. It is the blend that made them famous and is still highly regarded today. It received a perfect 10 out of 10 rating from Cigar Buyer Magazine. Each box of CAO Black is individually numbered, making it a collector's item. The cigars are medium-bodied with a soft and dry finish and are only being made in limited supply. Don’t miss your chance to try a piece of cigar history.

Q & A: Winter Humidor Care

I’ve noticed that it’s harder to maintain humidity in my humidor during the winter months. Any tips?

12/07/11 | by TJ of Savannah, GA

​Even some of the most meticulous enthusiasts will have trouble maintaining humidity during the dry winter months. Most will find that their humidity in their humidor will dip to around 55%-62%. First off, don’t panic; even humidity in the low 60s won’t permanently damage your cigars. The best method to combat low humidity is to go purchase a small squirt bottle. Fill it with distilled water and keep in near your humidor. Every time you open your humidor, make sure to squirt the inside of the lid lightly. This should offer a little extra moisture that will drive your humidity levels up a bit. Just keep this process up until you get consistent levels between 67%-72%. 

by Dave

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