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Spotlight Brand: San Lotano Oval

A '91' rated gem from a cigar prodigy...

San Lotano Oval comes from AJ's factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. Oval features a truly unique shape. The best way to describe it would be an oval shaped box-press, if you can imagine that. The unique shape and aged tobaccos truly makes this blend an anomaly in the industry and one of the finest cigars to come out this year.

Oval features a Habano 2000 wrapper that is aged over four years. The extra aging gives the blend a refined quality and a medium-bodied flavor. The Habano 2000 wrapper entraps Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers that mirror the same well-aged flavor of the wrapper and are perfect complements to each other. A complex cigar—with hints of spice, espresso, and cedar—will surely provide the flavors your palate has been demanding. This cigar will pique your interest with its unique shape but will keep you coming back because of its refined taste.

Q & A: Inhaling?

Why are you not supposed to inhale a cigar?

12/29/11 | by DA of Des Moines, IA

​Unlike other smokeable tobacco products, cigars are like wine or premium scotch - you're suppose to savor them. They create an experience each time you spark one up. They are not made simply to be "smoked," just as wine or scotch are not made to simply get you drunk. The process of cigar making involves many intricities such as curing, fermenting, bunching, and of course...blending. These intricities lend to the unique flavors you'll find in each cigar. Cigar makers focus on creating unique blends - blends that produce different nuances of flavor, thus creating a unique experience for the connoisseur. The cigars are fermented for long periods of time to expel all of their impurities, which also diminishes the amount of nicotine in the tobaccos. Therefore, inhaling a cigar simply creates a headache as it serves no purpose. In order to truly taste and enjoy a cigar, there is no need to inhale it. This single fact separates cigars from other smokeable products.

by Dave

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