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Spotlight Brand: Alec Bradley Tempus

Time for a '94' rated classic!

#5 Cigar of 2017

Hailing from Honduras, Alec Bradley Tempus is a concoction of tobaccos cultivated since 2001, carefully selected strictly for their incredible quality and blended to create the ideal full-bodied cigar that is as smooth as it is flavorful. Available in a toothy, zesty Habano or a smooth and semi-sweet maduro.

Produced at the famed Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas, Tempus is Latin for “time” which is more than an appropriate title for this blend. When creating Tempus, Alan Rubin spent years in an area along the border of Honduras and Nicaragua where a particular tobacco was growing in extremely small quantities on only a few acres of land. Alan began purchasing the best wrapper from this farm, in small amounts, over a period of several years and finally obtained enough to produce a phenomenal cigar.

Alec Bradley Tempus contains a mix of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos, held tightly together by an Indonesian binder. These leaves are then concealed with a Habano wrapper which adds a bit more strength to the blend along with some spicy undertones. Upon lighting, Tempus produces notes of pepper and earth with nuances of espresso in the aftertaste. As the cigar burns, hints of spice overwhelm the palate, but mellow towards the nub. This cigar is never overbearing and is incredibly balanced, allowing for a smooth, full-bodied experience with a medium finish.

Q & A: Tubed Cigars In Humidors?

I just purchased a bunch of tubed cigars. When I age them in my humidor, should I leave them in the glass tubes or no?

2/02/12 | by MS of Shreveport, LA

​In this case, it's all about personal preference. You can easily store your tubed cigars in your humidor without removing them from their tubes. They are stored this way in retail humidors across the nation, you just need to ensure your humidity levels are accurate. However, some people prefer to take the caps off the tubes prior to storing in a humidor. The only advantage here is it allows more moisture to circulate through the cigar. When it comes down to it, the cigars are sealed in glass tubes so they retain their moisture and don't lose any flavor. To put it simply; it's up to you and how you prefer your cigars to feel, taste, and burn. 

by Sean G

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