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Spotlight Brand: Perdomo Fresco

The best Perdomo cigar for the money.

Nick Perdomo is the people's champ of the cigar industry. He's constantly fighting against pricing increases and his Fresco line is a great example of this. Low priced sticks with the usual top-notch Perdomo quality control.

Tabacalera Perdomo enforces some of the strictest quality control standards seen in the industry. Their brands only contain the most exceptional tobaccos available, all of which are grown on the Perdomo family farms, and therefore an incredible amount of quality control is exercised when creating each and every blend. No expense is spared during their creation and fermentation process, which is why the majority of Perdomo cigars have received 90+ ratings.

Available in a Connecticut Shade, sultry Maduro, or hearty Sun Grown wrapper this line has all enthusiasts covered. Both blends offer rich, flavorful Nicaraguan tobaccos that pair nicely with both wrappers. The Connecticut blend offers a tame, aromatic smoke with notes of cream, cedar, and vanilla and pairs well with a nice cup of espresso. The maduro wrapped blend offer richer, fuller flavors of chocolate and spice while remaining balanced and smooth.

Q & A: Mellow, Medium, or Full-Bodied?

When is the best time to smoke a mellow cigar vs. a medium or full-bodied cigar?

3/01/12 | by LR of Washington, DC


​Truth be told, experienced aficionados enjoy mellow, medium, and full-bodied cigars any time of day - all based on their personal preferences. However, the rule of thumb for new enthusiasts is to save mellow cigars for earlier in the day and light up the medium to full-bodied cigars in the afternoon or after dinner. 

The more you enjoy cigars, the more your palate improves. New enthusiasts may consider a medium-bodied cigar "strong" while an experienced aficionado could consider the same blend "mellow." In the morning, your palate isn't primed, which makes it perfect for lighting up a mellow blend since you'll be able to experience all of its enjoyable nuances. As the day progresses, you prime your palate by eating foods and drinking liquids, thus you'll want to increase the flavor and body of your cigar. Full-bodied cigars are perfect after dinner because their strong flavors mix well with the robust nuances from your meal. In addition, full-bodied cigars can be quite strong so having a full stomach will prevent any sort of unpleasantness. Lastly, if enjoying a meaty dinner, a cigar's full-bodied smoke will stick to any fat cells left inside your palate, which creates ample complexity and a unique character you're bound to enjoy. 

by Sean G

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