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Q & A: Lower My Humidity?

With spring right around the corner, are there any precautions I should take with my humidor?

3/05/12 | by DN of Nashville, TN

​​As hardcore enthusiasts, humidor care is one of the things on the forefront of our minds. And with the change of season, you must be watchful of your humidor. As you might expect, spring time brings extra humidity. The most important tool for an enthusiast during this time is your hygrometer. Be mindful not to allow it to read higher than 72% humidity. Your cigars will start to over-humidify and will be very difficult to draw from when you’re ready to light up. If your hygrometer is reading above 72%, make sure you're careful to inspect your cigars before burning them. If they feel too soft, let them dry out a little bit. Trying to enjoy an over-humidified cigar will get you nowhere fast.

by Dave

Review: Rocky Patel Vintage '03 Cameroon

Dave Rocky Patel Vintage '03 Cameroon
Robusto (5.5”x50): A really great start to testing the blend. The size is very conducive to the blend and the rich, semi-sweet Cameroon wrapper shines the most here.

Churchill (7.0”x48): Definitely the surprise of the bunch. The 48 ring gauge allowed for a ton of flavor and it only got stronger as the cigar burned. While it’s a long smoke, you’ll enjoy it right down to the nub.

Torpedo (6.25”x52): The shorter size seems to work better with the 52 ring gauge for some reason. Flavors seem to be more pronounced and this is a solid hour and half smoke.

Toro (6.5”x52): The fatter 52 ring gauge allows for a cooler smoke than the 50 ring gauge. Flavors are nice but slightly muted.

Sixty (6.0”x60): Blend tastes very watered-down with this size. Easily the size with the least flavor in the line, yet, we could see this being a nice blend for the golf course due to the long smoking time and light flavors.
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