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Q & A: Crystal Humidification?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using crystal humidification units?

5/16/12 | by TR of Dover, DE

​​Honestly, to start, we don’t really see any disadvantages with using crystal humidification units. To us, it’s the only thing to really use when storing your cigars. Crystal humidification devices are simple and that’s the biggest advantage. You usually only need to refill them about once a month (depending on where you live) compared to every week with standard units. You also don’t have to worry about over-filling them as the crystals always give off 70% humidity; standard units will fluctuate causing uneven humidity. And finally, you’re less likely to get mold using crystal devices as the crystals soak up all the distilled water in the unit, leaving less stagnant water inside the unit. Standard humidification units only soak up what they can and may leave some water behind that may stimulate mold growth. The only true disadvantage of using crystal humidification units is if you own a giant humidor, since most of the crystal humidification units only humidify up to 100 cigars. 

by Sean G

Review: Man O' War Puro Authentico

Sean G AJ's Personal Cigar
Corona (5.0”x42): Wow. That’s all we have to say...
Ok, we can’t leave it like that. As AJ’s go to blend, you know this sucker is good. The small 5.0”x42 packs a flavor that you’d expect from a bigger cigar and will leave you more than satisfied after your last puff. It’s like ordering a Happy Meal and getting a Big Mac instead. The blend leads in with strong notes of spice and leather that transforms into notes of espresso as the blend progresses. Hands down, one of the best blends we’ve smoked.
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