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Spotlight Brand: Diesel Unholy Cocktail

One of AJ's finests blends.

One of A.J. Fernandez's most popular blends, Diesel exudes a ton of full flavors in a medium to full-bodied format, allowing for a stout, complex experience with perfect balance. Abdel "AJ" Fernandez is a Cuban-born cigar maker continuing three generations of tobacco mastery. Diesel exudes a unique leathery and spicy flavor with a toasty core of espresso beans. The package has a classic, rustic look while the blend is perfectly balanced and will appeal to any aficionado who appreciates premium tobacco. Boasting fillers from Nicaragua's Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli regions, each and every leaf is aged for three years, then concealed with a dark and oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. This is one unique cigar you're sure to love.

Q & A: So Many Gurkhas?

Seriously, why are there so many Gurkha blends? It's my favorite brand and I can't keep up with all their releases. Why so many?

10/10/12 | by ED from Pierre, SD

​​Great question and it’s one that folks around the office often wonder themselves. It seems like everywhere you look, there’s another Gurkha blend ready for the taking. So what’s the deal? Gurkha prides themselves on being on the cutting edge. And when you travel as much as Gurkha’s president, Kaizad Hansotia, you stumble upon some new, exciting, and limited tobaccos. Like anyone of us, Kaizad is always intrigued by new and exciting tobaccos, but he can envision new blends quite easily. So for a brand that prides itself as being “small batch,” this is the perfect route to take since he has a plethora of brands that come and go from year to year. The blends are not always available regularly, but they are always unique and cutting edge. And while you may not like all of Gurkha's offerings, you always know you’re getting quality construction and the finest tobaccos available on the planet. 

by Dave

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Article: Xikar: Tricks of the Trade

How to cut a cigar with a double guillotine 
To make the ‘perfect cut’ with a double guillotine cutter, try laying your cutter on the table and standing your cigar up vertically. This will ensure that you will not cut too much off of the cap. The cap of the cigar is the circular piece of tobacco covering one end of your cigar to secure the wrapper. When cutting, your goal is to open up the cap without cutting past the shoulder. The shoulder of the cigar is a visible line where the cap and body meet. If you cut beyond this seam, it could cause your cigar to unravel. Simply set your standing cigar in the cutter lying on the table and firmly squeeze the cutter closed. This ’perfect cut’ technique is easy for beginners and recommended because it is better to initially cut too little than to cut too much.

How to light with a soft flame
soft flame allows more control with a slower and cooler burn which reduces the risk of scorching the wrapper. The hottest part of the flame is invisible and just above the top of the visible flame. First, you must place the flame under the cigar at an approximate 45? angle towards you while holding the cigar at that same angle. This will help you only light the foot of the cigar without accidentally scorching the wrapper. While puffing, the cigar should be rotated over the flame to ensure the foot is evenly lit. Finally, blow on the end of the cigar to make sure the embers are well lit and create an even ash. 

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