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Spotlight Brand: House Blend American Label

Our flagship line returns triumphantly with inspiration from Uncle Sam. American Label was the FIRST cigar created using 100% American tobaccos! As the team pondered an extension to our highly successful House Blends, we went through a handful of countries where we could get tobacco to build a brand. The problem was none of them made for very good blends. After working on this project over a couple of weeks, we ended up coming to a standstill. And then, quite suddenly, some good old fashioned American tobacco showed up on our radar.

So what's in an American Label? Well, let's first start out by saying this was the first blend made up of purely 100% American tobaccos rolled in Nicaragua. It starts with Connecticut Broadleaf and Connecticut Habano fillers nestled underneath a Wisconsin binder (no, that wasn't a typo…Wisconsin). This unique blend is then wrapped up with a Connecticut Shade wrapper, and is packed with flavor. Mellow to medium in body, this blend hits you with cedar and cream flavors up front, and finishes with notes of freedom and liberty.

Q & A: Churchill vs. Robusto

With all these size options available, what’s the difference between a churchill and a robusto?

11/01/12 | by HF from Lansing, MI

​​Great question. So many people touch on the different ring gauges and how they affect a smoke but folks don’t really touch on the length of the cigar. The length of a cigar has a similar effect on the taste much like the ring gauge. The longer the cigar, the cooler the smoke. The cooler the smoke, the milder the flavors are – at first. As the cigar burns down, the smoke will start to get hotter and hotter creating a much stronger flavor. So when you take that into account with the ring gauge, you’ll be able to find more complexities in your cigars. Usually, the fatter, longer cigars will be the most complex. 

by Dave

Review: Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project

Sean G Only the Beginning
Toro (6.0”x50): Simply stunning. We barely hand out 95 ratings. In fact, this is one of the only blends we've ranked so high but we're proud to do so because we've never tasted something so consistent, flavorful, yet mellow. All of our experts agree here too. This is a cigar you can enjoy one right after the other. It doesn't destroy your palate but it constantly keeps your interest. Mellow, medium, and full-bodied enthusiasts will find something special about this cigar so it really is the epitome of "the perfect blend."

Robusto (5.0”x50):
Same great flavor profile as the toro size but in can be enjoyed in under an hour. The only reason why this size lost a few points is due to the fact that it doesn't last as long or become as complex as the toro.

Muy Bueso (6.5”x60):
Not usually a big fan of the mammoth cigars but the boldness and richness of this blend is just captivating. While not an everyday cigar, this size is perfect if you’ve got plenty of time to kick back and relax.

Torpedo (6.0”x52):
Hey, we have to nitpick somewhere. Don’t get us wrong, this is still an excellent size but we found that some of the cigar’s boldness is a little sharp on the finish when you first light it up. Otherwise, this size is still worthy of the Genesis name and is still nothing to scoff at.
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Article: Cuba's Newest Wrapper

While aficionados in the United States still can’t legally enjoy the fine tobaccos grown and harvested in Cuba, the country’s contributions to many of the tobaccos found in cigars are numerous, but perhaps lesser known. Since the discovery of tobacco and its subsequent proliferation throughout the world, tobacco has evolved over a half a millennium, and it all began with seeds brought from the Caribbean. Today, these seeds are grown in the US, Indonesia, Africa, and most notably throughout Central and South America. Over time, these seeds have evolved with their environment, providing a wide variety of unique flavor profiles specific to their region.

While the tobacco industry continues to suffer in Cuba due to nationalization and a lack of investment or resources, Cuba still has the most ideal climate for growing premium tobacco. In fact, this island nation continues to excel in agricultural research and development; most of which is being done at the famed Tobacco Institute. It is there where a think tank of agronomists engineer new seeds based on Cuba’s original seeds from the pre-Castro era; seeds that are more disease-resistant, provide greater yields, better combustion and in turn, unique flavors.

By the 1990s, Cuba’s original seeds had spread to Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and a host of other countries. After many generations of replanting, the native seeds began producing lower yields and worse yet, became highly susceptible to diseases such as black shank and blue mold. The institute was hard at work on disease-resistant strands with higher yields. The first, most notable seed was engineered in the late 1990s and became known as Criollo ’98, which remains one of the most popular seeds that growers still plant to this very day. Since then, newer inceptions have come forth, which are all names you have no doubt read about such as Corojo ’99, Habano 2000 and Corojo 2006. While the core flavor elements of these seeds are largely the same and most flavor variations can be attributed to the climate and soil composition in the places they are planted, their superior combustions and textures do yield unique qualities and flavors that are appreciated by the most discerning aficionados.

Perhaps the most exciting new development from Cuba is its newest seed, Criollo 2011. This seed was tested in 2011 and planted in larger scale this year; it is now the staple for Cuban tobacco. Like Criollo 2011’s predecessors, its use in areas friendly to US trade (such as Honduras and Nicaragua) is only a matter of time, which is especially exciting due to the quality of wrapper this seed produces.  Could Criollo 2011 be the next big thing for the American market? We certainly hope so. Keep an eye out this year for new brands featuring this unique and complex seed.


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