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Q & A: Too Much Humidity?

My cigars are too moist. How can I remove humidity from my humidor?

3/04/13 | by WD of Orlando, FL

​If you find your humidor actually tends to hold too much humidity, the simpliest method for dropping the humidity is to leave the lid open for as little as five minutes to as long as an hour. This will only be a permanent fix if you find this is a one time occurence. If you live in an area with naturally high humidity, you'll find yourself constantly leaving your lid open if you experience this problem regularly. In that case, we recommend getting a small shot glass or maybe even a cocktail glass (depending on the size of your humidor) and filling it with white rice. We bet you've gone to a local pizzaria and noticed there's rice in the salt shaker...same concept. The rice will naturally absorb all the extra humidity. Simple, easy, and inexpensive.

by Dave

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