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Spotlight Brand: Obsidian White Noise

May 19, 2013 |

Obsidian remains one of the hottest cigars on the market.

Obsidian burst onto the scene with a black, full-sleeve band that instantly set itself apart from the competition. But we all know, the band doesn't make the blend, and Abe Flores from Pinar del Rio ensures that the blend is top notch. Abe Flores has been making legendary blends for years now and has established himself as one of the premier Dominican manufacturers. Obsidian White Noise is just further proof of his ascent to the top of the cigar game.

Obsidian White Noise is not mellow. Don't confuse the alabaster glow of the band with something that's light and airy. White Noise starts with a smooth, hearty Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The wrapper is seemingly dripping with oils and will get any enthusiast's palate salivating. The fillers from the Dominican and Nicaragua round the blend out and make for a medium to full-bodied blend loaded with notes of coffee, cashews, cedar, and light hints of vanilla on the finish. The original Obsidian established the brand's potential, Obsidian White Noise realizes that potential.

Q & A: Patchwork?

My friend gave me a Cuban cigar that he claims was rolled in 1940. I'm happy, but the foot is slightly cracked, the head is slightly cracked, and there seems to be a small piece of tobacco missing from the wrapper. I really want to try this cigar but I'm worried about construction problems. What should I do?

5/06/13 | by DB of White Plains, NY

​You seem to be in quite a predicament. In the words of our cigar expert Joshua Smelko, "A Cuban from 1940? I'd just light it up, deal with the patchwork, and savor the experience." Unfortunately, you're dealing with an incredibly rare cigar that cannot be replaced. So if you want to experience the cigar in all its glory, you're going to have to touch it up a little bit. Keep in mind, we are assuming your cigar is still properly humidified and has been maintained properly in a humidor, despite the cracks.

by Bryan

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