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Q & A: The FDA & Cigars

So I keep hearing about the FDA trying to regulate cigars. Should I be worried?

5/14/14 | by BG of Washington, DC

Yes! Anytime the government tries to intervene in our hobby it’s worth taking seriously. If we relent at any time in defending our hobby, we may not have anything to defend. And this most recent development is the toughest hurdle this industry has ever faced. The latest proposed by the FDA includes massive restrictions on how cigars are brought to market and would severely limit the amount of new brands you’d see. Also, the latest proposal includes putting a minimum price of $10 on cigars in order for them to qualify as a “premium cigar” (i.e. not machine-made). So how do we fight the FDA stripping our creativity and raising premium cigar prices? For starters, contact your local congressman or senator. Also, we here at will be sending you some info on how you should best respond to the FDA in order for our voices to be heard. 

by Dave

Review: CAO Cigars Extreme

Sean G Four Times The Ligero
CAO is one of my favorite brands out there. In fact, CAO Brazilia was the first cigar I’ve ever had and still one I go back to from time to time. The problem has been that their most recent releases haven’t lived up to my expectations. So when CAO Extreme hit our docks, I was a little skeptical. But the brand has done me enough good over the years to warrant me picking up a 5 pack to try…

The packaging and band, while great-looking, really plays up the four ligeros they use in the blend. For me, that’s usually not a good thing and I usually take that as “we’ve stuffed a lot of strong tobaccos in here because we couldn’t find a blend that worked.” But all of those reservations quickly subside as soon as I light it up. Powerful? Yes, but incredibly balanced. Frankly, I’m shocked how much I love this blend. I can only liken it to a powerful cup of coffee that you’re not sure you like at first but soon realize you can’t live without it. Notes of cedar, espresso, cashews and a subtle spice on the finish having me burning up this 5 pack real quick.
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