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Spotlight Brand: La Palina Mr. Sam

June 22, 2014 |

The American-made, '90' rated La Palina.

Honoring the man that started it all, Mr. Sam is back from La Palina cigars...

Started in 1896, La Palina was the brainchild of Samuel Paley. The man, the myth, the legend ran a tight cigar factory, yet was beloved by his faithful employees who bestowed upon him the nickname “Mr. Sam.” With fine aspects of quality craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the Paley family has created a brand you can trust, and one that enthusiasts everywhere are happy that is revived. 

Produced at the famous El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami, Mr. Sam has returned by popular demand now in three different sizes. The shiny Ecuadorian Habano wrapper glistens once you open the box and is only topped by the expertly crafted triple-cap. The fillers are a collection of hearty Nicaraguan tobaccos that burn in perfect unison with the seamless wrapper, and produce rich plumes of hearty smoke. Balanced notes of oak, cedar, and spice consume the palate, and will instantly have you yearning for more once you're done.

Q & A: Perfect Humidity?

What is the perfect humidity level for my humidor?

6/11/14 | by PW of Lake Oswego, WI

After years in this business, this is one question that comes up over and over. And it makes sense. We’ve invested our hard-earned dough into this hobby and we want to make sure our investment is being cared for properly. What interests me though, is that a few years ago, the 70/70 rule seemed to be set in stone (the 70/70 rule is that humidors should be kept at 70 degrees and 70% humidity.) Now enthusiasts realize that the 70/70 rule isn’t the golden rule. What it comes down to is each person’s preference. You like a drier, hotter smoke? Keep your humidity in the mid-sixties. You want a slower-burning, cooler smoke? Stay around 70% or slightly higher. And if you’re not sure? Experiment. You may learn that finding your right humidity will lead to you enjoying this hobby even more.

by Bryan

Review: H. Upmann The Banker

Sean G It's A Love, Hate Relationship
I hated this cigar; seriously hated it after trying it for the first time. And I even like the folks who make it and the packaging of the cigar. You’d think some of that would have swayed me subconsciously but it didn’t. I swore to never try this again…until I ran into a meeting where The Beard and our boss were puffing away on them. I was shocked. These two were talking about how great these things were. So much for not trying one of these again. Time to pick up a 5-pack and give it a test…

As soon as I fired it up, that familiar overwhelming spice and sharpness hit me. This is what caused me to put it down the first time. And don’t get me wrong, I love a powerhouse cigar but this just seems unbalanced. This time, I had to power through though. Amazingly, the spice subsides gradually and is gone after the first half inch replaced by rich notes of coffee and earth. The Banker then goes through another shift offering spicy and smoky notes. Overall, way more complexity than I expected. One thing I noticed is that when you puff too fast on this, the cigar quickly becomes unbalanced which I found was my error the first time. If you take your time with H. Upmann’s The Banker, you’ll find your investment will certainly pay off.
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