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Q & A: Salt Test?

It’s been awhile, how do I do a salt test again?

2/11/15 | by KM of Santa Barbara, CA

​Great question. In the cigar world, a 'salt test' refers to a method used to check your hygrometer's accuracy in determining proper humidity. When salt is mixed with distilled water, it naturally creates 75% humidity after a period of 24 hours. Therefore, if you feel your analog or digital hygrometer is not working properly, you can perform a salt test to determine if it is faulty and or recalibrate it.

To perform this test, simply take a soda or beer bottle cap and fill it half full with salt. Add a couple drops of distilled water to the salt, but only enough to make it moist, not "soupy." Place your hygrometer and the cap filled with salt in a plastic zip-lock bag and seal it. After 24 hours, you can be guaranteed the humidity inside the bag will be 75% and can then determine if your hygrometer needs replaced or adjusted.

by Sean G

Review: Ave Maria Divinia

Sean G Nothing Short of Perfection

I really loved Ave Maria's Reconquista when it came out a few years back. I mean, it's not something I enjoy everyday after work, but the blend was excellent for a special occasion. And looking at Divinia's price tag, tells me this will only be enjoyed on special occasions as well.

So what are you paying all that money for? A really damn good cigar. Divinia is near flawless. The blend starts off light and smooth and quickly builds to a medium to full body. I got notes of spice and almonds with hints of espresso and cream. The balance of the cigar is amazing and you'll instantly realize this beauty can go toe-to-toe with any top shelf heavyweight. Make that occasion a little more special and pick up some Divinia.

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