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Spotlight Brand: La Palina El Año 1896 Oscuro

A Flavorful Cigar From a Historic Brand

La Palina is a historic brand that launched at the turn of the 20th century in Chicago. Its founder Sam Paley was a blendmaster, carefully selecting tobaccos from the most prestigious growers from around the world. The brand thrived until Paley’s retirement in 1926, when production stopped and La Palina’s storied cigars left the market. Years later Paley’s grandson, Bill, revived his family brand to pay homage to his heritage. Bill Paley has delivered in spades by offering the same quality and pleasing flavors his grandfather’s cigars were renowned during La Palina’s hay day.  

Named for the year La Palina was founded, El Año 1896 Oscuro is comprised of a gorgeous Mexican San Andrés wrapper which masks indulgent fillers from the Dominican. A beautifully balanced cigar with a complex flavor profile. Enjoy pleasing notes of cocoa, wood, and a touch of leather for an experience that will not disappoint. 

Q & A: Flavor Saver

Q: Can cigars lose their flavor over time?

10/31/17 | by PL in Richmond, VA


The short answer here is, yes. Cigars need to be humidified in order to maintain proper moisture and to ensure they retain their oils (which is where a cigar’s flavor comes from).
The good news in all of this is your cigars won’t completely dry out unless they’re left out of the humidor for extended periods of time. They’ll be fine in the car over the weekend or in a suit jacket for a couple of days. But, don’t leave them out too long, once a cigar is dried out, the oils will be lost. While it is possible to restore your dried premium, the taste will most certainly not be the same on your palate. So, avoid this type of tragedy and always make sure to keep your cigars properly humidified. 

by John

Review: Enclave Broadleaf by AJ Fernandez

John AJ's Innovation on Full Display

AJ Fernandez is a very busy man–and that may be putting it lightly. Recently, he’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business to make some absolute gems, and he’s somehow found the time to craft some new premiums to add to his own illustrious portfolio.
Among the brand new additions is an extension to his Enclave line. AJ created the original Habano-wrapped beauty with the help with his father, Ismael, and the cigar received a well-deserved ‘92’ rating and Top 25 honors.The newest iteration of Enclave was brought about by a simple curiosity–AJ wanted to know what the blend would taste like wrapped with a Connecticut Broadleaf, and I’ve never been so grateful for Mr. Fernandez’s inventive and adventurous approach to making cigars.

Don’t get me wrong, the original Enclave is nothing shy of exquisite, but when Nicaraguan fillers from Pueblo Nuevo, Estelí, and the Jalapa Valley are encased by a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, what you get is a brand new profile with a deeper flavor and full-body.  Enclave Broadleaf is visibly darker than the original, and the unlit tobaccos have a spicier aroma with a slight hint of hay and caramel–an indication that this cigar has been aged very well.
When the cigar is first lit, there is a fair amount of spice with notes of earth, espresso, some toasted almonds, and slight citrus on the finish. As the burn continues, the peppery notes remain present, but the flavors develop into a creamy leather with notes of cocoa and a natural sweetness. Enclave Broadleaf is a solid full-bodied cigar, and it has complexity to spare. Of course, the original will always be a regular in my rotation of premiums, but this new addition will definitely find its way into the mix as well.

Article Image

Article: Give Them the Gift They Want

By: John Moralis

Ah, the holiday season: crowded malls and shopping centers, fruit cake, and the daunting task of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. But, as Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “never be daunted,” — advice that is particularly helpful during the holidays. Much needs to be accomplished in very little time, but we power through and emerge on the other side a little war torn, yet somehow better for surviving another bout of the hustle and bustle. is making your life a little easier with a Holiday Gift Guide (opposite page) suited for any enthusiast on your list. Everyone from the cigar novice to the experienced pro will appreciate the assortment of items. So, go ahead — have a seat, pour yourself a drink, and shop from the comfort of your own home. After all, what sounds more appealing — mall traffic or some much needed peace and quiet? 

The Perfect Gift for Any Enthusiast Altadis Iconic Brand Assortment

Altadis is known worldwide for its pristine portfolio of premiums. From H. Upmann to Montecristo, the company releases some of the most popular cigars available today. The Altadis Iconic Brand Assortment features some of Altadis’ crowned jewels, including H. Upmann The Banker, Romeo y Julieta 1875, and Montecristo Classic. This gift is ideal for any enthusiast on your list — from the curious to those who have been enjoying premiums for years. It’s a gift that is sure to impress.

Full-Bodied Gems for the AficionadoOliva 90+ Rated Sampler Box

Oliva is well-known to enthusiasts around the world for crafting top-quality cigars from tobaccos that are second to none. The Oliva 90+ Rated Sampler Box features 10 of Oliva’s top-tiered blends, all housed in a stylish slide-top cedar gift box. The aficionado in your life will surely be dazzled with offerings like Serie ‘G,’ Master Blends III, and the highly sought-after Serie ‘V’ Melanio.

For those who are ‘On-the-Go’Macanudo Travel Set

Macanudo is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and one of the best-selling. A number of its blends are mellow and brimming with flavor, making them accessible to anyone who enjoys a great cigar. Pair Macanudo’s popular premiums with top-quality accessories, and what you’ll get is a gift suited for any enthusiast. The Macanudo Travel Set is designed for those who are always on the go. Included are 8 Macanudo Hyde Park cigars, a durable Herf-a-Dor that holds 10 premiums, and a torch lighter crafted by Xikar.  

An Ideal Gift for the ConnoisseurSan Cristobal Paradise Assortment 

Ashton is synonymous with luxurious, sophisticated cigars, and is a preferred brand among aficionados who expect only the best. The San Cristobal Paradise Assortment offers an array of premium blends, all critically acclaimed for their memorable and complex profiles with unparalleled craftsmanship. The San Cristobal Paradise Assortment is comprised of five cigars, some with 90+ ratings and a lighter that will impress the connoisseur in your life. 

Accessories That Will Not Luxury Accessory Set

Cigar enthusiasts will no doubt receive a treasure trove of new premiums to enjoy over the holidays, but something that may be lacking are top-notch accessories. The Luxury Accessory Set includes everything a cigar fanatic needs to fully enjoy a premium, including a lighter, cutter, and a 3-finger cigar case for those trips over the river and through the woods. All of the accessories are crafted by Xikar and feature the logo. This is certainly a gift that will be a welcomed addition for any lover of the leaf.

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