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Spotlight Brand: Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged

Utterly Unique & Undeniably Intense.

With masterful craftsmanship and unmatched boldness, Camacho is not only capturing the essence of Nicaragua with its newest barrel-aged creation, they're recreating and improving upon it. Hand selected tobaccos are aged to perfection in some of the Nicaragua's oldest and rarest rum barrels, and to enhance the experience, Camacho’s masterbuilders use their signature Powerband bunching process to further amplify the already intense flavors imparted on the tobaccos during the barrel-aging process.

Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged starts with Esteli-grown Corojo long leaf which have been infused with a smooth, creamy caramel essence and a subtle sweetness from being aged in rum barrels for 5 months. The medium to full-bodied cigar is then cloaked with an oily Ecuador Habano wrapper which tempers the intensity a bit by adding creamy notes of leather and oak. The end result—a super-premium cigar which weaves a complex web of unique and enjoyable flavors, while somehow sustaining balance and smokablity despite its sheer intensity. Certainly an experience you’ll want to indulge in many times over. 

Review: Macanudo Inspirado Black

John A Bold Blend From Macanudo

You’d be hard pressed to find an enthusiast who hasn’t sampled one of Macanudo’s many blends. You’d be even more hard pressed to find one who hasn’t at least heard of the brand during its nearly 50 year run. The brand started out in Jamaica in the late 60s, but moved to the Dominican Republic a few years later where it set down permanent roots. At first, the cigars were mellow and packed with flavor, making them accessible to a wide variety of palates. But as time progressed, so did enthusiasts Tastes. And, to keep up with demand, Macanudo began blending fuller-bodied cigars with bolder tasting notes.   

Macanudo’s latest creation may be one of its most innovative to date. Inspirado Black comes dressed in a dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper which was ripened on the stalk. At the cigar’s core you’ll find a proprietary blend of fermented tobaccos grown in Estelí, Nicaragua. Well-constructed, this cigar has a rustic quality to it. But what really grabs me is the aroma coming from the tobaccos in this premium. They have an intoxicating smell of molasses and earth, reminding me of dried cherries. As soon as the cigar is lit, the flavor profile is striking, with notes of pepper, hay, and dried fruit at the finish. As the cigar progresses, the pepper nuances intensify, but they’re not overwhelming and the finish is nice and long. This may be my new favorite blend from Macanudo, simply because it offers so much complexity and spice. I would urge everyone to try Inspirado Black, but do so after a good meal. This cigar’s boldness took me a little off guard, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the hell out of it.

Q & A: Finding the Right Light

Which is better, a torch lighter or a soft flame?

9/17/17 | by KAB From NC


This is a debate that’s been had by many a cigar enthusiast since the invention of jet lighters. But the correct answer here is: it really depends on what you’re going for.

Torch lighters are great accessories that make quick work of getting your premium evenly lit. The drawback—even the most experienced enthusiast can char the foot of a cigar with the intense flame, and will more than likely lead to a burnt flavor.

While lighting a cigar with a soft flame takes longer, the chance of over lighting is slimmer. But, if you’re enjoying a premium outside on a windy day—getting any sort of light is impossible—which is where your torch lighter comes in handy.

by John

Article Image

Article: Dynamic Duos: Cigar & Coffee Pairings

By: Kelly Luciw

Now that the days are longer, and more enjoyable with the warm weather, we find ourselves enjoying mornings more than the past couple months. And, to make these pleasant days of better weather even more gratifying, let’s focus on Signature Blends and coffee pairings. Whether you’re headed to work or planning a vacation, this match-up is sure to get you through your daily routines, barbeques, and everything else in between in the warm, summer months. Signature Connecticut

To the early-morning risers who start off on the right foot, let’s begin with Signature Connecticut and Twin Engine Coffee — Reserve Honey Bear. The light, rich, and undeniably sweet blend of Reserve Honey Bear complements the smooth, yet complex profile of the medium-bodied Signature Connecticut blend, all leading to one satisfyingly sweet treat with a long-lasting, creamy finish. This is the perfect pair to your mornings. Signature Habano

For those who are taking the day slow and need a quick pick-me-up to your leisurely mid-morning, try Signature Habano paired with Backyard Beans Coffee — Sumatra. Rich in flavor, the medium to full-bodied Signature Habano blend delivers a pleasant aroma with notes of earthy sweetness. Pair this with the cedar, dark baker’s chocolate, and thick finish found in the medium to dark roast of Backyard Beans — Sumatra, and you’ll be well on your way to a great afternoon. Signature Maduro

For the midday crowd, what better way to get through the day than to pair Signature Maduro with Birch Coffee — Brazil (Carmo de Minas)? Extensively aged, the medium to full-bodied blend of Signature Maduro offers rich, earthy, and chocolaty flavors with deep notes of cocoa and espresso. Partner this premium with the medium-roasted beans and toffee, sweet lemon, and cocoa flavors found in Birch Coffee — Brazil, you’ll be in true bliss with this mixture that finishes smooth and clean. Signature Nicaragua

To wrap up your day after a hearty meal, treat yourself to the combination of Signature Nicaragua and Toby’s Estate Coffee — Bedford Espresso. The zesty Cuban-esque flavor profile of the full-bodied Signature Nicaragua blend greets your palate with notes of oak, spice, and a peppery finish. The dark roast used to create a truly vibrant espresso experience in Bedford Espresso balances out this premium with its thick, syrupy body and slight sweetness.

Although there are plenty of premiums and coffees to go around, there are none quite like this delicious lineup that can satisfy your taste buds at any time of day. Whether morning, noon, or night, has a Signature Blend and a coffee offering that will hit the spot. And, if you’re feeling adventurous with the pairings above and want to try all four, check out the Signature Variety Sampler and start taste-testing our dynamic duos all in one quick, convenient way. 

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